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This Ghanaian Woman is Very Happy Her Husband Committed Suicide…Find Out Why (Photos)

A woman has expressed delight and joy after her husband committed suicide. But, many people have wondered why.


Many people will be surprised at this woman who has expressed joy after her husband killed himself. The 33-year old widow identified as Rose Keniah is grateful to God her husband committed suicide after attempting to kill her at Asotwe, near Ejisu in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

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According to reports, the woman has said the passing of Mathias Sedungon, with whom she had been married for over 16-years, is a blessing in disguise.

Madam Keniah escaped death when Mr Sedungon fired a gun at her which hit her in the shoulder in an apparent attempt to kill her after a misunderstanding which led to quarrels and subsequent separation of the couple.

On the fateful day the incident happened, Rose was on her way to the farm when her husband, described as a sharp shooter, ambushed and attacked her in September this year.

Not even the intervention from the woman’s colleagues could dissuade Mr Sedungon from his intention on that fateful day. He fired and hit Madam Keniah before disappearing into the bush.

Moments later while the woman was being sent to the hospital, news broke that Mathias had committed suicide, few meters away from where he shot his wife.

Injured Madam Keniah is not moved by her husband’s death as the family awaits the Ejisu police to release the body for burial.

She says she survived by divine intervention from the man she had known as a good marksman with a gun.

The mother of four who hails from Paga in the Upper East Region has a lesson to share with her peers who suffer spousal abuse.

“Don’t just flee from their threats, report them to police,” Madam Keniah says.

7 Comments on This Ghanaian Woman is Very Happy Her Husband Committed Suicide…Find Out Why (Photos)

  1. Very shocking


  2. This woman must be a very wicked wife


  3. God forbid bad thing


  4. Na wa ooo


  5. The woman is very right
    It’s better for those that delibrately choose suicide not to take the life of any other person along with theirs’


  6. @ Chinedu I think you didn’t read the story at all. Will advise you read and post a fresh comment on your thought again.


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