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‎Probe all ex-First Ladies or leave Patience Jonathan alone, Group tells Buhari

An Abuja-based anti-corruption movement, The Integrity Group, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to probe Nigeria’s former first ladies or stop the “seeming witch-hunt” of the country’s immediate-past first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan.


Warning that the continued ‘media trial’ of the ex-president’s wife could trigger off more violent reactions in the Niger Delta, the group said the onus is on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC to prove its case rather than asking Mrs Jonathan to explain the source of her wealth.

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At a news conference addressed by its Executive Director, Livingstone Wechie, the group contended that; “No Nigerian under any law, including Patience Jonathan is under any obligation to explain how he/she made his/her money. If the EFCC thinks anybody stole money, they should by evidence show how and wherefrom the money was stolen.

“The cumulative value of the monies in the Skye Bank account that Mrs Jonathan claims is less than $10 million. The report credited to the EFCC that the monies were in excess of $30 million is completely false, malicious and misleading and this is deliberate. The EFCC is challenged to provide public evidence of its claim of $31 million lodged in Skye Bank”.

The group added that, “this attack on Patience and Goodluck Jonathan may spark up avoidable security problems in the old Eastern Nigeria and we are willing to support Mr President in averting same.

“As such, our message is, arrest and prosecute all former first families including their aides and seize all their assets and money or leave Goodluck and Patience Jonathan alone and restore all their seized assets”.

10 Comments on ‎Probe all ex-First Ladies or leave Patience Jonathan alone, Group tells Buhari

  1. I think the fight against corruption should be encompassing and never sectional or political witch-hunt. Until all past first ladies are probed including all governors in the rolling party that were in PDP it is then I will take this government seriously on the fight against corruption


  2. This is never a witch hunting, the question people should ask their self is if the money is earned legally, why must she keep it in someone else account.


  3. This group is anything but anti-corruption!


  4. I think this group are saying something reasonable in which I support them


  5. To be caught with a smoking gun at the crime scene is a pointer to the enabling circumstances of her status because there is an established precedence that will lead to ones that came before. Eventually those still alive will be required to give some account and a lot will be revealed.


  6. If anything this group doesn’t sound anything integrity
    So what they are now telling us is that those economic saboteurs that used their previleged positions to loot the public fund should be let off just like that, while several poor citizens that committed much lesser crime are languishing in jail
    It was the duty of Jonathan to probe those that ruled immediately before him and definitely not that of Buhari, so this fucking freaky group shout get lost and never come back
    We do not need this preposterous distraction at this time that Buhari is working so hard to reinvent and reengineer this potentially great nation that has been terrible crippled by corruption


  7. @Sunny and Radufa…. I can’t agree less with you. Sunny you just took the words out of my fingers. This so called group is not anywhere near integrity….if they need media attention, they should get it elsewhere using a name that is appropriate to their line of thought.


  8. Sunny pmb working hard to enslave Nigerian right….


  9. Chinedu you do not listen to the news,you talk b4 you think it should be the other way avail yours of channels TV to save you from this horrible state if ignorance..


  10. Heidi your thoughts is not surprising, who says the group wants media attention that’s your belief pls throw it to wind


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