Drama as 7 Different Girls Celebrate National Boyfriend Day by Posting Photos of the Same Nigerian Boyfriend

A Nigerian man based abroad has proved to be a real Casanova with several girls claiming him to be their lover in celebration of a national boyfriend day.

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The ‘National Boyfriend Day’ falls on the third day of October every year. It’s an unofficial holiday meant to celebrate the man you love publicly.

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So in a bid to honour the day with their lovely boyfriends, 7 different girls uploaded pictures of the same guy on their social media handles celebrating him as their boo, baby, lover and even as baby daddy.

Although the identity of the young man is currently unknown, but strong reports have it that he is a Nigerian. Such a feat qualifies him for the casanova of the year award.



  1. Una dey wari sey the man get 7girly wey dey celebrate him as boy fi? What of wen three girls or more dey enter bed with one man, the same time for same bed for the same day/night? It’s okay. Him dey try. sha! una asiri oti ya! Make all of una chop him raw. Anyway, na the dollars wey him dey send na hm matter for now o! All that 7girly no just matter at all! End times are here, and people are debased to levels of animal to even talk of being homosexuals when animal knows the difference between male and female. Na women to one man una dey talk?

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