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DSS arrest two Supreme Court judges, 5 others over alleged corruption

In a nationwide crackdown, the Federal Government last night began rounding up judges suspected to have aided and abetted corruption in over the years.


But, the arrest of the judges, which was carried out by operatives from the Department of Security Services DSS, was in relation to those who allegedly took huge cash to pervert the cause of Justice before, during and after the 2015 general elections.

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It was gathered that among those taken into custody last night were two Supreme Court justices, who allegedly played ignoble but crucial roles in subverting judgement in favour of one of the two leading political parties in Akwa Ibom State and another state in the South East.

Three judges from Sokoto, Bauchi and Kano were also taken into custody for allegedly collecting bribes, according to a top source involved in the operation. Similarly, a popular Federal High Court judge in Abuja from the South West and another who recently countered his colleague’s judgement relating to the ongoing PDP crisis, was also picked up.

Also taken into custody last night, were some suspected fraudulent court registrars, believed to have aided and abetted the sale of justice.

Another federal high court judge, who lives in Apo area of Abuja, had his house surrounded by DSS operatives as at the time of going to press but the secret police could not break in.

The judge who recently freed a retired Air Force officer accused of taking bribes running into billions of Naira, was scared and was calling for help, not knowing why he was surrounded by armed security men.

A top Federal Ministry of Justice official said last night: “The Federal Government has commenced the arrest and detention of some corrupt judges as part of its effort to cleanse the judiciary.

“This exercise has just begun and will continue until the bad eggs are flushed out to give the country a new lease of life. ”

The operation may not be concluded tonight but I can assure you that we will carry it to a logical conclusion in the overall interest of the nation,” the official said.

9 Comments on DSS arrest two Supreme Court judges, 5 others over alleged corruption

  1. Nice one


  2. Good for them


  3. All scam. To shut them up


  4. I am waiting for more information on this very important arrests


  5. Welcome development if transparent


  6. It is quite unfortunate that mischievous elements like Adegboruwa SAN and Fani Kayode have, as usual,labeled this long-overdue move as a constitutional infringement.
    Are judges above the law? Or are there constitutional provisions against making them to face justice?


  7. Those lawyer SANS known as the best in bribing Judges be ready for their turn. Certain judgments and injunctions are outrageous and unimaginable. That a Judge learned in the law passed same. Like the famous perpetual injunction against EFCC in favor of Ex-Governor Odili. That Odili should not be investigated, or Tried for corrupt practices for Everest while he was in Office. The Appeal by the EFCC was never heard. Odili’s wife was a strong Judge then in the Appeal court, so, the President of the Court of Appeal then, could not assign the case to a judge for hearing till date. Newspapers shout, people shout and got tied, nothing happened. Odili was then Best Governor and Friend of OBJ the untouchable, so, Rivers State people suffered for nothing. Odili was opening every inch of a road built by him, every Light Poll erected by him, Every bent of road tarred by him. After 8years, nothing to show for the heavy Federal Allocation to the State. Like a white washed grave, everywhere was rotten, only few metres in front was the road built, nothing inside. Governor Amaechi’s first 4years was an eye opener to the massive looting of Rivers State by Odili. Just like Oduaghan of Delta State who won all prizes in the Country and beyond for Good Governance he bought with Delta People money. Everywhere in Asaba, Warri flooded. Flyovers built 100times more expensive than Lagos have collapsed already. While, roads under the round-abouts waterlogged and flooded all year round. Expressway projects everywhere, non completed to justify the huge money spent. Disgraceful as it is, they are parading all over the place with their Stolen wealth. Meanwhile, His Wife is gathering so called women and men of gods all over the place praying, forgetting they have looted the state dry and left Asaba worse than they met it and to do serious restitution work for her prayers to be heard.


  8. Nigerian Judges have long forgotten the maxim that everyone is equal in the eyes of the court unless they come with dirty hands. They have all taken bribes either in cash or kind and it is a question of “thou shall not be caught if you can get away with it”. They live well above their income like the politician and are part of the perpetuation of the corrupt system. It is time to clean them out to show that they themselves are not above the Law.


  9. If the truth should be told, the clampdown on the judges, including the Supreme Court ones, is long overdue bcos our courts were becoming a bazaar for the highest bidder. Is not absurd to see a billion Naira hotel said to be owned by a serving supreme Court Judge? Most of these senior lawyers shouting themselves hoax now are as dirty as these accused judges bcos they’re the harbingers of corruption!


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