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Why I Insured My Hot Legs – S*xy Nollywood Actress Talks Fashion, Piercings, Tattoo and More

popular actress, Crystabel Goddy, has confirmed that she has insured her hot legs as well as her love for piercings, tattoo, fashion and more.

Speaking in a new interview, beauty queen and Nollywood actress, Crystabel Goddy, has confirmed media reports that she has indeed insured her hot legs.

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She talks on her love for fashion, jewelleries, tattoo and so much more. Below are excerpts from the chat;

How did you find yourself in the world of beauty pageantry?
I think it is because of the peculiar way I walk. Back in college, whenever I walked passed, I had this teacher who would call his colleagues to watch my walking step. He called me ‘Miss California’. He was probably the one that sowed the seed in me. As I became more confident and aware, I knew I had to contest in a beauty pageant and win to officially become a queen. And as I went into it, I understood better and realised that there was more to being a representative.

What pageant did you win?
I’m the maiden Queen of Beauty of Africa. They’re about to have the 10th edition, so I’m visiting the contestants to encourage them as the Queen Mother. Also, I was the Miss Amnesty International at a point in my life.

Is there a difference between style and fashion?
Yes there is but both work together. Fashion is the act or process of creating while style is a distinctive and peculiar mode of doing certain things. I’d go back to the creation for instance, what Eve did was to style herself and Adam with the fig leaves based on what suited them individually.

Why do you like wearing short dresses?
Why not, after all, it is said that if you have it, you flaunt it. I have lovely and beautiful legs, so I flaunt them. I wear short dresses to show off my gorgeous insured legs and it is worth it. Besides, everyone has something peculiar to them. Short dresses complement my full and long curly black hair. Besides, our country, Nigeria, is hot, so why bother with too many clothes?

Are your legs really insured?
Do you really want to know?

Actually, it was a thoughtful acquaintance of mine who thought they were too gorgeous not to be insured, so I went ahead to do so.

Were you ever teased by peers because of your slim stature while growing up?
No, I was never teased by other kids. I was not raised in that kind of environment. In fact, I recall being admired and called ‘Agbani’. Nowadays, some people ask in bewilderment how I manage to maintain my body structure.

If you had an opportunity for surgical enhancement, wouldn’t you want to increase your boobs, hips or butt?
No, I am too comfortable in my skin and I am not apologetic about that. Why would I want to put air in my boobs and butt, then feel like a balloon? There’s beauty in every size and there is always someone that finds you fascinating and attractive the way you are. So I don’t want surgical enhancement now or ever. I am proudly size 2; I have never been a size 6/8 my whole life. Trim and curvy is the new sexy look.

Why do you have extra piercings but no tattoo?
We all have our preference. I love jewellery because while growing up, I was a very fashionable child. I always had accessories with my outfit. I have my photos as a kid dressed up and with bangles and rings. I must have been three years old then. I remember that by the time I was six years old, I had an actual wristwatch and I could tell the time correctly.

Can you marry a man who isn’t fashionable?
Aside having the ability to look appealing, to me, fashion is deeper. It is knowing what to say, how to say it; when and where to say certain things. I can’t marry a man who doesn’t challenge me to be better. A fashionable man is ‘the essence’. He is a package that has content. He’s resourceful.

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  1. Who she epp?


  2. Na your life be that


  3. When you would probably be getting nude all over the place? Having a wife is one of a home maker, but not one for show. So, real men would rather prefer a real home maker combined with beauty and intelligence.


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