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Judges Arrest: Nigerians should rise up and fight against ‘dictatorial’ Buhari – Fani-Kayode

A forrmer minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has lambasted the Department of State Services, DSS, for arresting some judges in the middle of the night.


Fani-Kayode in a statement released on Saturday, said the action of the DSS to arrest judges  is an indication that Nigeria is under attack by “ravenous” President Muhammadu Buhari and his government.

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The former campaign spokesman of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan called on Nigerians to “rise up and fight back” against the alleged oppression by the current government.

The statement reads in part, “Their homes were raided by hundreds of fully armed DSS commandos between 1.00 and 2.00 a.m. this morning.

“Their streets were surrounded and sealed up. Their gates and front doors were smashed open and they forcefully and violently arrested and detained.

“Their families and loved ones were traumatised and terrorised.

“Their staff and members of their household were held captive, threatened and sent scampering for cover under their beds.

“Yet those that suffered these gross violations of their fundamental human rights, civil liberties and indignities were not wily and desperate politicians or hardened miltary men that were fighting and conspiring against the government or plotting a military coup d’etat.

“They were not dangerous dissidents or Boko Haram terrorists.

“They were not battle-hardened Niger Deltan Avengers or seasoned OPC and IPOB fighters.

“They were not members of a dangerous and evil armed cult that were plotting to kill innocent people and they were not a group of radical and desperate secessionists or freedom fighters.

“They were not angry students or trade unionists that were planning to block the streets, to stop all movement and activity, to bring the country to a standstill or to burn the nation down.

“They were none of these things and included none of these groups or people.

“Instead they were all senior and respected members of the Nigerian judiciary.

“They included two Supreme Court judges (one of whom is next in line to be the Chief Justice of the Federation) and three Federal High Court judges.

“Three are Igbo, one is Yoruba and one is from the south south. All of them are southerners.

“Governor Wike of Rivers state was almost shot dead when he attempted to protect the home of one of the judges in Port Harcourt and stop them from arresting him.

“The truth is that we are in trouble in this country. The motherland and all that we hold dear is under attack from a ravenous and dictatorial President and government.

“When those that are constitutionally charged and empowered to protect us from tyranny and the abuse of power by a vicious, violent, murderous and lawless government and its murderous security agencies are themselves under siege all hope is lost.”

Fani-Kayode asserted that if judges can be attacked by agents of government then it was time for Nigerians to “rise up” and fight against the current “oppression”.

He continued, “If the judges cannot protect us and if they themselves have become victims of barbarous tyranny then it is time for the people to rise up, take to the streets, resist the evil and fight against our oppressors.

“Sons and daughters of Nigeria, we must not give in to fear and we must not be silenced.

“We must defend the rights of our people and fight for our homeland.

“Now is the time to protest in any way that we possibly can and to take our country back from these animals and barbarians. Now is the the time to say “enough is enough!”

“If we do not do so we shall be slaves forever. It is our God-given right and sacred duty to resist tyranny in every shape and form.

“If nothing else history, scripture and all the Holy Books of the three great faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism teach us that.

“Now is the time to shed our fears and to stand up like the true patriots and free men and women that we were born to be and do so.

“Now is the time to say “thus far and no further” and to say “no more” and be our brothers keeper.

“Now is the time to stop sitting on the fence and acting as if all is well.

“May the Living God fill us with His Spirit and grant us courage. May He strengthen and embolden us.

“May He guide, lead, protect and deliver us as we move forward to confront the evil that plagues our land and speak truth to power.

“May He, at the very end, bless our land and grant us victory,” Fani-Kayode added.

26 Comments on Judges Arrest: Nigerians should rise up and fight against ‘dictatorial’ Buhari – Fani-Kayode

  1. I think you should go and seat down


  2. The situation in this country is beyond imagination


  3. We are fed up with their propaganda


  4. It is corrupt individuals that will oppose the giant moves of Buhari to stem the tide of corruption in this nation. If Judges are corrupt, then the whole country is in trouble as there will be no justice anywhere.
    Fani Kayode, it’s better you hold your peace now or be re-arrested join the league of corrupt justices in the prisons.
    If you want to protest, then call on your family members and not the Nigerian public


  5. Akin Oladiran // October 9, 2016 at 10:12 am // Reply

    This man called Fani-Kayode should go and commit suicide so that he will not be around to see greater Nigeria. He is obviously not happy that Nigeria is on the path of greatness. If he loves himself, he should remain silent and bury his fine but rotten face in shame.


  6. Call the families of those corrupt judges and the beneficiaries to protest not the suffering Nigerians whose rights you and your comerades in crime have deprived.


  7. Fani-Koyde, did they find money in their homes on not? Did these judges talked from both sides of their mouth or not? Did these judges from the material facts available to us from their public pronouncements as judgments in recent past, gives room for concern and unbecoming of a Judicial officers? Once these questions are answered, then we can imagine if at all, the Judiciary is being hunted by the Executive.


  8. This kayode guy, don’t know when to talk and when not to talk.
    Because him mouth wide abi?


  9. You and your family can go and protest,,,,we Nigerians are not as stupid as you are, we know exactly when to protest.


  10. Justice Onoghen is the next in line for CJN just like Aloma Mustard took over from her predecessor and the current CJN took over from her. Anything other than that will be cause for PROTEST. DSS/EFCC have cleared him on any corruption.


  11. Corrupt Nigerians ( They know themselves) should go and protest and not the ones that are suffering because of the actions of our celebrated looters of our treasure. The game is up now and there is no more any hiding place for the looters even in the judiciary.


  12. Family should package all his family members to protest or fight the government. Common ppl are hungry on the verge of eating the rich themselves and a fool like u is asking us to protect them.
    Mad man Incorporated.


  13. if everyone in Nigeria steals d way u people did, would there be anythin left 4 d poor masses nd d coming generatn yet u dnt appreciate d corruptn cubbing of dis administratn bcs u longer hav d means 2 steal. may be we ask mr president 2 create an office 4u to manage


  14. oh

    Corruption are Fighting back


  15. ffk,bunch of thieves.


  16. Thats what nigerians want. Illiterate and terrorist buhari




  18. u also a thief,d generation yet unborn will curse u all.


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  20. Which Niger Rise up 4 what


  21. where is the money you are stilling not where is the money in your hand DSS you must do the investigation first before you enforce the law we need to respect our judiciary in any way thanks


  22. Before any critics and chellenges Ask Why are they being arrest and why in that methord used…Nigerians are nt pools that u can fol wiz ur parpagandas any more Cruption is a Cruption




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