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BREAKING!!! DSS frees arrested judges

According to reports, the Department of State Service, DSS has released all the judges arrested over corruption during a nationwide sweep.


A DSS source to Newsmen that the seven arrested judges were, Sunday, released on bail based on self-recognition.

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“They were all released on bail yesterday(Sunday) on self recognition,” one of our sources said.

“They reported this morning (Monday) and they have all gone back home. They will be coming back tomorrow. And everything went very procedurally well and civil.

“They were released on bail on self recognition based on the fact that given their standing in the society, they cannot run away.

They were instructed that they should come back today by 10am.

“They did report for investigation this morning and they have gone back home. And the investigation continues and preparation to charge them to court continued.”

The source added, “Also, action was sequel to lack of cooperation by National Judicial Council. Such as refusal by the NJC to allow the affected persons to be questioned by the DSS. Investigation started some seven months ago, precisely in April 2016.”

The crackdown has continued to generate mixed reactions across the country.


16 Comments on BREAKING!!! DSS frees arrested judges

  1. Buhari just committed a grave mistake for him to release the judges without fighting the judiciary with his might. Thinking he just passed a message to them, they will surely turn a deaf hear to the warning message and, funny enough he won’t be able to fight them later till the end of his government. Now tell me how he is going to fight corruption? Oga sorry u’re a JOKER


  2. What? Buhari just show how confused he is.


  3. So, we should dancing ba?


  4. Confused people


  5. He sent a signal. I mean Buhari. Only Buhari in Nigerian history can do that. That is a good signal : Corruption will not be tolerated. Too bad, Nigeria is a lost cause. These judges are unarmed robbers. They will continue to steal, no matter what. Buhari has also set himself up for failure. They will gang up against him now. Too bad, Nigeria is a lost cause.


  6. The suspects are bench robbers, I hope the DSS has not been intimidated to submission. They are release without being taking to court is a judicial antithesis.


    • Me Sanni
      You missed the point completely. The method being deployed by Buhari is very wrong and anti democratic. He is a democractiv president and therefore MUST uphold and rule by the tenet of the constitution.
      If the judges are guilty, he should send evidence to the NJC who will met out necessary discipline.
      It is out of the realm of the executive to punish judges directly. There is a body empowered by the constitution to do that . The reason is such that the executive does not misuse and abuse the judiciary.
      What Buhari is doing is fascist and dictatorial and is not democratic practice.
      In sane societies , he can be impeached for that .
      Democracy does not allow a very powerful country executive but allow check and balances .
      The danger u are not swing is that at the end , justice will elude even you when you have a case against the govt because the judges have been cowered.
      It is a wrong way to fight corruption in the judiciary.
      It is also a shame as the rest of the world is watching


      • Are you a lawyer?. If u are not, go and check Nigeria constitution first. It’s not about speaking grammar on social network. Where on earth did you see who informed a criminal who kept wrong money meat to be evidence that u are coming to arrest him?, Or you report him first before arrest?. If u hate Buhari or his government fighting corruption doesn’t mean if u see truth, you close ur eyes. Am a daft but I reason well and I took time to read what constitution says. Google it ur self.


  7. Buhari leaped before he looks instead of other way around. This is the case when you are hard hearted and heady. Buhari needs complete orientation and induction of how democracy work.


  8. Buhari APC government has no constitutional power to treat another arm of government the way he did with DVD. In my elementary secondary government class, i was taught that ‘the executive, the legislature and the judiciary’ are the three arms of government. No arm is superior to the other. This Buhari has accused the legislature (Senate) of being corrupt. Now it is the turn of judiciary. Has he beam a search light on members of the executive. What about the guy who collected some millions or is billion from MTN Nigeria to help the organization pay peanut or some change or coins as penal fees?


  9. Even the commentators are confused.
    Talking for the sake of talking


  10. what we practice in Nigeria is Demonstration of craze and not democracy. NJC supporting looter and corrupt judges. We need a person of brave mind to fight them to finish. Buhari commited the mistake of releasing them. What makes them different from Dashiki?


  11. Arrest before thorough investigation. Arrest first;look for evidence later. That’s the new unwritten law in Nigeria.


  12. The Truth shall set u free // October 11, 2016 at 1:15 pm // Reply

    Its a great disappointment to read all the comments here without seeing anyone that understood what or why they were released on bail due to their national recognition. when they mentioned released on bail, it does not mean that they have been exonerated or not going on trial. It simply means that they are free to go and report to the DSS for further questioning or investigation and they’ll later be summoned to court. Please all endeavor to read the entire article not just headline!!!


  13. @ THANKGOD, u may have been taught but obviously u didn’t understand. If u did, u would have known that it’s only the executive that can investigate crimes and then prosecute same and this applies to every Nigerian except the President, VP, Gov. & Dep. Gov. We should always try to understand issues before we comment, lest we expose our ignorance!


  14. The news was well digested, my fear is that their going might signify the end of story because of delayed judicial procedure in this part of the world. You can not claim not to know now.


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