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Buhari not yet Nigerian President – Rep. Ezeonwuka

A House of Representatives member for Orumba North-South in Anambra State, Mr. Sopuluchukwu Ezeonwuka, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to come to terms with his position as the President of Nigeria.


Ezeonwuka spoke at Oko, Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State on Saturday during his reception by the Okeani General Assembly.

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He accused the Buhari administration of bigotry and lopsidedness in actions.

He said, “The moment you contested an election and won, you become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and not the President of the North or South.

“Check out the appointments made by President Muhammadu Buhari, south easterners were nowhere. In appointments of 24 persons, you have 21 from the North, one or two in the South-West, one in the South-South, and none in the South-East.

“It’s quite unfortunate that Buhari has not yet assumed the position of the President of Nigeria. He is like somebody on a specific mission.”

The lawmaker, who is a member of the House Committee on Customs, pointed out that no person of Igbo origin was represented in the Customs management.

“The APC government should know that we are an integral part of this country called Nigeria. One thing is clear, the marginalisation of the Igbo will not last long. If you keep telling some people that you don’t want them, they can take a decision,” he said.

4 Comments on Buhari not yet Nigerian President – Rep. Ezeonwuka

  1. MAke una leave this man abeg


  2. The man dey try him best


  3. True talk. And that mission is that Buhari wants to Islamatized Nigeria within a specific period.


  4. Ezeonwuka should shut up his dirty mouth. What has he done for his constituents, the people he claims he is representing? He is there busy padding our budget and collecting all manner of allowances, including Running Allowance that I don’t know where they are running to and what they are running for without contributing anything meaningful to improve the life of ordinary Nigerians, his constituents inclusive. Buhari, with all his imperfections, is more useful to Nigeria and Nigerians more than all the Senators and Representatives put together! Lazy drones, all of them!


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