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(Episode 6) Complicated Love Web: How a One Night Stand with Abuja Chief Ruined my Life…An Interesting Story!

Julia: “Me? But I am not sick now. Hehehe . So, Chief has even gotten a doctor to take care of my pregnancy?” She unconsciously moved her shoulders up, then pouted her lips and rolled her eyes.


The bathroom door opened and Chief stepped out in his sparkling white Marks and Spencer vest and boxers.

Chief Antony: “Oh, you are awake. Doctor, get to work. Flush out that unplanned imbecile in her womb!”

Man: “Young lady, you need to lie down on your back, I am going to perform a D and C on you at Chief’s order. It will take almost an hour and it will hurt, you need to be strong. “

Julia was shocked beyond expression. She cast a glance on Chief, on the doctor and back to Chief.

Chief: “Why are you staring at us like that?  Go ahead and open your legs for him to do what he is here to do, after all you opened your legs for me all night, so, opening it now shouldn’t be a problem. This man here was rusticated from the University in his final year as a medical student. He is well known for performing abortions that is why he calls himself My Doctor; he has been good at any assignment I give to him. So, just relax.”

Julia: “Chief, this wasn’t what you told me last night. I can never have another abortion again.”

Chief: “Oh shut up! I only said that yesterday just to calm you down for today. Don’t think making love to me all night is enough to trap me with a child. Doctor, what are you waiting for?  Get to work immediately and tie her hands and her legs widely apart if she makes any resistance!”

Man: “I think I have a rope that will serve that purpose in my car. Let me go and get it, I will be back shortly.”

Having heard this, Julia made for the door to run out but Chief grabbed her by the arm. In her anger she pushed him backward and he smashed his head on the wall and slumped.

Julia shut the door and ran downstairs. She heard a voice climbing up, she peeped, shocked to see Chief’s wife coming up, she fell on the ground.  Immediately, she braced up herself and got on her feet. She could hear the sound of Chief’s wife high heel shoes approaching the steps and getting closer to her. The sound of the shoes was synonymous to the sound of death drawing closer to her. She knew that she had to act fast if she didn’t want her dream to come true.

On reflex, she raised her head and on one of the doors opposite her was written ‘Store Room, staff only’. Quickly, with the speed of lightening, she ran into the room and closed the door quietly behind her. She held her breath and pushed herself against the door. When she heard that Chief’s wife pass, she quickly tried opening the door but she saw a security man coming up the stairs. She quietly shut the door and turned the key locking herself in. The security tried opening the door and found out that it was locked.

Security man: “Shooo, na who cun lock the door na? The person dey craze? Shey the person no know say I fit show for store room anytime? Na wa for all the craze pipu wey dey work for this hotel o. And if I go ask manager for spare key now, the yeye man go find extra work knack me, that man no dey run short of work like say im be robot. Anyhow sha, make I find another place enter.”

When she heard the security man leave, Julia look around the room and saw an old and dirty security uniform, she quickly removed the towel she had on from Chief’s room and changed into the uniform. She didn’t mind that it was oversized and very dirty, she didn’t even mind dipping herself into a pit toilet if that will help her get away from Chief and his murderer of a wife. She scanned the room for other items that she could use to disguise herself. She couldn’t risk being recognised. She saw an old and faded face cap with some stains of blood on it, she didn’t mind. “the face cap may belong to an assassin for all I care”, she said as she pushed her hair into it.

Quietly, she opened the door and stepped out, taking care not to make any noise. She walked out of the reception and she was glad when she saw that the receptionist’s table was vacant.

Julia: “God, see me through this” she mused. When she got to the gate, the security there like one hypnotised open the gate but before she could step out of the gate, he said:

Security man: “Hey you, who be you?”

Julia: “Erm, I am a worker here, I want to go get something from across the street for the manager.”

Security man: “Huh, which yeye worker you be wey you no fit call your department as we dey take identify ourselves for here. Where your card?”

Julia: “Which card?”

Security man: “You don high this morning? Abi sontin dey worry you forthis your small head? Na my question you dey answer with question so? I said where your staff ID card?”

Julia: ” Okay, sorry, na joke. I forgot my ID card at my post. I thought my uniform is also another form of identity.”

Security man: “You wear security uniform meaning say you be security. Na me be the head of security, how come I no know you?”

Julia: “I was employed yesterday, that’s why you don’t know me.”

Security man: “Them no born even the manager well to employ any security without telling me. Na me be the head of this unit. This girl think say she smart, you better talk now before I beat craze commot for your head for here, wetin dey worry you, seff? Na Warri man I be, no just try me o, Warri no dey carry last.”

Julia’s heart flew to her mouth, she knew she would be in deep trouble if she didn’t act fast. She couldn’t think of anything to say to the security man whose eyes were peering into her soul. When she did finally cook up a lie in her head, she couldn’t find her voice.

Julia: “Erm, I, as in…”

Security man: “Erm, erm, I, I, I, you don turn deaf and dumb?”

Julia dipped her hands into her bag and brought out a thousand naira note from her bag, it was part of the money given to her by Chief’s wife. She saw the security man’s face light up when he saw the money.

Julia: “Actually, I don’t know how to say this. I am lodged in one of the rooms in this hotel, this morning, I woke up with stains on my clothes, women palaver, you know (she winked at him), I am rushing out to buy pad and I couldn’t have gone out in my blood stained dress, so, I had to put this on.” She smiled seductively and handed him the one thousand naira note she had squeezed in her hands.

Security man: “Madam, no wahala, insurance cover you. Na so my girlfriend dey battle with that woman issue too. But, why you no send person make e go buy for you?”

Julia: “Don’t worry, I like going on personal errand myself. I will be back in a jiffy.”

Immediately the security man allowed her out and closed the door behind her, she took to her heels and ran out as fast as her legs could carry her. She was running like one who was being chased by a mad dog, she wasn’t looking at where she was heading to, all she wanted was to get as far away as possible from the hotel. She was about to take the turn on her left which will take her away from the hotel’s street when she crashed into a man…

Julia: “are you deaf, can’t you watch where you are going?”, she snapped.

Man: “I think a young lady running without anyone chasing her should also watch her…”

He raised up his head and their eyes met.

Man (Fake Doctor): “You!”, the fake doctor shouted and grabbed her arm. She screamed on recognizing him and tried to free herself from his grip but he held tightly to her. She was still struggling and scratching at his hands with her fingers when she heard footsteps approaching. She turned and there, behind her was Chief’s wife and three muscular and mean looking touts.

Chief’s Wife: “Guys, that’s the prostitute, bundle her up and throw her into the car. And you, I warned you to stay away from my husband but you wouldn’t listen, I even paid you to stay away but you want to play smart. By the time I am through with you, no mortuary will accept your corpse. You can begin to say your last prayer. Take her away! She roared at the touts.”

Julia knew that this was certainly the end of the road for her, she was too weak to cry or resist the touts who were pushing her into a car, she remembered her dream as a warning from God and she felt hot tears run down her cheeks. Following the advice Chief’s wife gave her, she began to pray her last prayer in her heart in preparation for her inevitable death.

SEE Episode 7 below.  (QUESTION: Is this truly the end of the road for Julia? What has become of Chief? Let’s find out in episode 7, You will not want to miss the unfolding drama.)

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  6. Julia so much believed and trusted this chief. It’s such a pity

    “So, Chief has even gotten a doctor to take care of my pregnancy?” She unconsciously moved her shoulders up, then pouted her lips and rolled her eyes.”


    • Chief.. fear God oo! No condition is permanent (That i know for sure). How could you call your own unborn child “imbecile”? You even went to the length asking the Quack Doctor to flush it like toilet. hmmm… HMBH


  7. Mrs Vanessa Aderibigbe // October 11, 2016 at 4:53 pm // Reply

    AdeLove, you guys ROCK! I pray God continues blessing you with more wisdom as you entertain us like this. I’m ADDICTED to your Website. Keep it up


  8. Let’s just say Buhari caused this


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  10. Esther Nnoli // October 11, 2016 at 4:57 pm // Reply

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  11. Kingsley White // October 11, 2016 at 5:08 pm // Reply

    Oooooch!!!! women with money, see ur life nau. I pray God should have mercy on u


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    after d nyt kpanshing….chief still wan murder u, Julia leave dis man alone #waitin#episode7#


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