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Kidnapped Lagos student’s health worsens, as abductors reject parents’ offer

According to reports, the health of one of the school children kidnapped by gunmen at Igbonla Model College, Epe, Lagos has reportedly deteriorated, as the kidnappers have rejected the offer of N750, 000 ransom offered by the parents.


The kidnappers had insisted on the sum of N1 million before he could be released.

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Reports said the victim had fallen ill after a down pour on Saturday, forcing the kidnappers to order his family to pay any amount to release him for treatment.

The abductors had last Thursday stormed the school during its assembly and abducted the vice principal, a teacher and four students.

They initially demanded N100 million ransom, which was reduced on Saturday’s evening to N5 million per victim, bringing the amount to N30 million.

They had threatened to kill their captives if the family failed to pay the ransom on, or before Wednesday or involved the security agencies in their rescue.

A source close to the family confirmed that the kidnappers contacted them.

He said: “We were contacted that our child is very sick. According to them, they have reduced the ransom to N3.5 million each, but gave respite to our family by asking that we pay something reasonable before picking our child.

“They told us where and how to pay the ransom, but warned that we must not involve the police. We have begged them to give the child some drugs while we make efforts to gather the money.

“Our fear is that we don’t know what amount is considered reasonable. When my sister asked the question, the man switched off his phone.”

4 Comments on Kidnapped Lagos student’s health worsens, as abductors reject parents’ offer

  1. This one serious ooo


  2. Weytin dey con want


  3. This is very bad


  4. Am sure it is when the ransom has been paid, the Nigerian police will go and arrest the kidnappers, because they’re currently ghosts. SMH at the Nigerian police. May God not let the sick child or any of the victims die, HE’ll save them.


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