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Prophet gives 26-year-old Muslim acid victim N10m for surgery in India

Abuja based prophet, Bro Joshua Iginla, has brought succour to a dying 26-year-old Muslim lady, Jamila Yusuf.


The popular clergy, who simply loves to be addressed as Bro Iginla, gave the acid victim N5 million cash as part payment for her treatment in India.

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The lady was brought to the City of Wonder church pastored by Bro Iginla by her family members for prayers.

While praying for the sick, Bro Iginla was moved by her pathetic state and asked a two man team to verify her claims.

They confirmed that her boyfriend truly bathed her with acid from head to toe and that only a surgery in India can help save her life.

The cost was put at N10 million.

Immediately, Iginla gave her N5 million and ordered his team to procure visa for her along with her brother and a doctor to accompany her.

He promised to foot their flight bill too.

He also promised to pay the remaining N5 million the following week.

In his words: “I think Nigerians should rise up to defend the rights of women; to lay your hands on a woman is injustice.

“I just don’t know how a man can do this (pour acid) on a lady; some people are just animals.

“How can you disfigure a lady like this?

“We have hundreds of them (women) like this that they have done this wickedness to.

“I am not doing this for her because she is a member of my Church; I don’t know her from anywhere; she’s even a Muslim and not a Christian.

“We are only doing this to preach love and not to convert her to Christianity after her surgery in India.

“I am not doing this as a bait to make her a Christian, but to show the world what true love is about.

“True love is unconditional.

“If she wants to go back to her religion, it’s her choice.

“My gesture is not with any condition, but to save a life borne out of genuine love as Christ taught us.”

A medical doctor who followed up her case, Dr. John Eghosa, said she had chemical burns and has had surgery at the National Eye Centre, Kaduna to preserve her eyes.

According to Eghosa, she has a 60 per cent burns on her face and 10 per cent burns on her body.

5 Comments on Prophet gives 26-year-old Muslim acid victim N10m for surgery in India

  1. What a nice gesture


  2. May God continue to bless him


  3. Good one


  4. Chukwumerije // October 11, 2016 at 8:12 pm // Reply

    I love this pastor. I pray that 10% of Nigerian pastors would be as nice as him


  5. God bless you Pastor


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