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AGF sends more Judges’ names to DSS for arrest

It was gathered that the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami, has forwarded the names of more judges to the Department of State Services, DSS, for investigation.


The DSS had arrested seven judges last weekend.

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The DSS said it was investigating eight other judges and with the six names submitted to the DSS by the AGF, 21 judges are now under investigation.

It was gathered that the AGF’s letter was personally delivered at the DSS headquarters in Abuja by a senior aide.

The new names on the minister’s list, it was learnt, included two Chief Judges of High Courts, three judges of different divisions of the Federal High Court, and a Justice of the Court of Appeal.

The letter, containing the names, was accompanied by the summary of allegations levelled against the judges in the petitions earlier sent by individuals to the NJC by the Chairman of Civil Society Network Against Corruption as well as Human and Environmental Development Agenda Resource Centre between 2014 and May, 2016.

One of the petitions sent to the NJC against one of the Chief Judges, dated February 26, 2016, and signed by the Chairman of CSNAC, Mr. Olanrewaju Suraju, was titled ‘‘Request for investigation of contravention of the Code of Conduct by Judicial Officers.’’

Another petition by CSNAC against a Federal High Court judge was dated May 12, 2016.

Another petition, dated January 11, 2016, by CSNAC, also accused a Chief Judge of judicial misconduct, an allegation which its details were not stated.

CSNAC, also in another petition, dated April 20, 2016, sent to the NJC against a Justice of the Court of Appeal and others, who served on an election petitions appeal panel this year, accused the panel of receiving N8m from a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

Yet, another petition accused the SAN of paying N500,000 into the account of a Chief Judge; another alleged that N7m was paid to a Chief Judge for a book presentation as well as a petition that a Federal High Court judge received N5m bribe from a SAN.

The AGF’s letter, forwarding the names to the DSS, described as unconscionable the alleged failure of the NJC to investigate the petitions.

The letter read in part, “It is unconscionable that all these petitions that border on the unremitting and impeachment of the integrity of these judicial officers have not been investigated by the National Judicial Council, the constitutional and statutory body vested with the power by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended) to so do.

“Undoubtedly, if this type of deliberate inattentiveness; lethargy and benign neglect and dereliction of responsibility by the NJC is allowed to persist in an administration that came to power under the mantle of change, it will surely lead to the death knell of the judicial branch of government, which centrality the maintenance of law, order, rule of law and social harmony cannot be overemphasised.

“It is unfortunate that despite the preachment of the administration on the need for the judicial officers to be above board, we still have some of them that have stubbornly refused to change from their old ways.”

8 Comments on AGF sends more Judges’ names to DSS for arrest

  1. Nice one! Even the defence chiefs had been dealt with. Do The judges has too head? Why are some people cricising this sanitary actions.


  2. There should be no noise against this action provided that they eventually go through normal trial.I beg.


  3. Nigeria is in going to be great. We just need to be patience. Nobody should condemn this government action to sanitize the judiciary of corrupt SAN and judges. We should all support the government of the day. This is not PDP or APC agenda and is it not witch hunting anyone. To God be the Glory, that we shall once be free from corruptible judges.


  4. It is very obvious why the NJC can not tackle the monumental rot in the country’s judiciary. Many of the members are very corrupt, they are the problem and therefore lack the moral capacity to punish anybody accused of any wrong doing.


  5. NJC is a bed of massive corruption, what a shame. Any judge that believes his/her right has been trampled on should sue, otherwise the DSS should carry on.


  6. Change don begin wit me ooo. No 1. Let dis change carry go oo .


  7. Is it possible to increase the salaries and allowances of the Judges by 200 percent. Perhaps the govt should do this asap to avoid the corrupt practices in the Judiciary arm of Govt. This arm of govt is the last of hope of a common man, and in the same token, if the Judges are corrupt, then we are in a deep mess in this country.


  8. The last hope of a common man indeed. Even the CJN is equally rotten. Thank God for the political will of this administration to do the needful. Nigeria will be great again let be patient.


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