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DSS has no right to arrest any judge – Prof Omaka

A Senior Advocate and Professor of Environmental law, Prof. Amari Omaka has affirmed that the Department of State Services, DSS, has no moral justifications to arrest any judge.‎


According to Omaka, who currently lectures in the Law Faculty of Ebonyi State University, though he was not in support of any form of corruption by any individual at any level, the manner the current government was going about the anti-corruption crusade was disheartening.

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Addressing newsmen on Tuesday, the academic said, “The manner in which the Department of State Services has gone about these arrests leaves less to be desired because I know as a legal practitioner of my standing that there are ways of disciplining erring judges.

“So to me, it is a desecration of the highly-honoured judicial system for DSS to go into their houses to arrest them without any recourse to due process.”

He stressing that “at the level of the Supreme Court judges, if any of them were invited to come and answer questions on allegations leveled against them, naturally, the person would honour such”.

Prof Omaka who is the first and only Senior Advocate from Ebonyi suggested that rather than arrest judges, the proper thing would have been for the DSS to pass through the Chief Justices.

“But for you to go at the dead of the night to arrest judges is the height of assault because people can’t even believe they are law enforcement agents.

“It is so ungodly and I think it is quite embarrassing to desecrate the hallowed chambers of this country all in the name of fighting corruption”, Prof. Omaka alarmed.

He insisted that the action smacked of nothing than disrespect for the Independence of the judiciary.

“At that point you can get a warrant to arrest that person. But then is it even the duty of the DSS to execute a warrant?

“We have the Nigeria police and in the first place, it is not the responsibility of the DSS to arrest persons whether they are criminals or not. It is the job of the police to make such arrests and not that of the DSS particularly at that time we ‘heard’ the arrests were made”, Prof. Omaka said.

He called on the Federal Government to be civilized in the fight against corruption as the rule of law spelt due process and civility.

“That is why I am in all force with the NBA at the national that they should all be unconditionally released and let them face the due process of prosecuting those who have erred in law no matter how high or low they are. It is quite embarrassing if somebody can go to the apex court and begin to arrest people. That means nobody is safe”, he stated.

“In fact, what catapulted him from the High Court to the Court of Appeal and to the Supreme Court was his integrity.

“Although any person can change any day and am not holding brief for him, but until the contrary is proved, some of us are afraid that their may be some witch-hunt somewhere”, he added.


11 Comments on DSS has no right to arrest any judge – Prof Omaka

  1. Nobody have right to practice corruption idiot


  2. I think DSS should arrest that stupid prof immediately


  3. Nobody is above the law


  4. Dayo Adeniji // October 12, 2016 at 8:29 am // Reply

    Nonsense! Shut your mouth Mr. Prof.
    Only when the untouchable are touched we think of rule of law…
    Mr. Prof, are your people corrupt or not? Answer now!
    We cannot escape from all these bandwagon of corrupt personalities without being irrational.
    Mr. Prof, where has the so-called rule of law (when it comes to the rich) taken us since this current Democratic dispensation.


  5. What is this man talking about? These people were found with ill gotten wealth and he is there spitting out rubbish! They have been begging and pleading for raw cash found in their possession.

    Or are the judges running a bureau-de-change as a part time job?


  6. Are they above the law??


  7. All na media game of the govt. So much press verdict on people to cover up the despotic tyrant of the govt. Sure I support nt corruption but be civilised in action. We are nt in military era pls. Allah be upon us.


  8. This SAN & Prof, is obviously ignorant of the Law!


  9. This country is not ‘Animal Farm’ . Where is the rule of law when a poor man is arrest. Why are you -Mr Prof and your likes, shouting rule of law. It is unfortunate that it is in our country , the so-called SANs and Mr Prof & co stand as a cog in the of wheel of corruption fight. If you have a flash back on the background of many , who are against the arrest of these corrupt judges , they all have skeleton in their respective cupboards. Nemesis , posterity , the spirit of the late Founding Fathers of this Great Nation and the soil of this Great Country , will not give you rest.


  10. The prof is talking mere subjective rubbish
    He is a disgrace to whatever he represents


  11. I am happy that most commentators disagree with the so called professor
    He is in the league of those stealing the country dry and hiding under the law
    I think the professor is local in his reasoning. I want him to take a look at what the Ghanaian government did to some judges recently for corruption.


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