Shameless Russian Girl Strips and Performs S*x Show in Public (Photos)

A Russian girl has been filmed performing a s*x act in public to the dismay of many people. The incident took place in St Petersburg, Russia.




Now, a prominent local politician, MP Vitaly Milonov has urged people to crack down hard on the woman for tarnishing the reputation of Putin’s hometown, which is regarded as Russia’s cultural capital.

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It was reported that the footage of the n*ked woman immediately went viral on video-sharing websites and local internet forums where users were divided over why she did it.

Some have said the girl is an exhibitionist while others believed the girl must have been high on drugs.

The slim stunner put on her sex show near the Old St Petersburg Stock Exchange and Rostral Columns in the city centre. She was completely n*ked apart from her trainers, and also her panties and jeans which she had pulled down around her ankles.

And she later took off her jeans as well as she laughed and played with herself in front of astonished passers-by. The local MP Vitaly Milonov who is known for his traditionalist and deeply religious views was offended by the act.

Mr Milonov, a prominent opponent of gay rights, said: “This is a typical act of hooliganism that should be punished. Our society should not leave a chance to those idiots to think otherwise.

“They might call it an art installation the next day. But there is no way it was a performance.

“Only psychologically deviant people would behave this way, a normal person would never understand this kind of hooliganism.”

Mr Milonov urged police to prosecute the woman and said he hoped she was sentenced to carry out 500 hours of community service sweeping the pavement in the area where she had exposed herself.



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