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DSS should probe more corrupt judges – Protesters tells Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged to ensure that corrupt judges are flushed out of the system.


The call, which was made at a rally Wednesday in at the Federal High Court, Alausa, Lagos, saw placard-carry protesters urging the President to wipe out corruption in the judiciary and other arms of government.

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Some of the placards read, “We support total probe of the judiciary”, “Probe more judges”, “Justice is not for sale, Probe the court”, “Corruption is worse than Boko Haram.”

The protesters also admonished the president not to deter to take decisive action on the judges saying all the judges so far indicted or arrested for corruption should immediately resign considering the magnitude of the case that the DSS has built against them.

The Lagos Coordinator; Human Right and Anti-Corruption Coalition, Desmond Abiona who spoke on-behalf of the masses said Nigerians are sad that the judiciary that should be the last recourse of the common man is a bigger problem than what we had hoped it would solve for us.

“How many terrorists have we successfully convicted and put away for good?” he quried adding that corrupt judges have not allowed it. They rather receive bribes and allow killers roam the land with explosive belts and AK47 than deploy the judiciary as a tool for curbing terrorism. “

According to the activists, the case of those that have been given lenient punishments or bailed from the DSS net is a slap on the wrist by the National Judicial Council (NJC) urging the president to ensure that they must face the law court.

“The DSS must widen its investigation to take in all the petitions that the NJC has ever discarded given the fact that the council has demonstrated it tends to shield corrupt judges. The arrested judges should be charged to court within the shortest time possible to that they cannot claim their rights were violated.

“We want to clearly warn the judges that would be handling the trial of these arrested men that Nigerians would be watching closely and this is no time to play fraternal games. In addition to accepting bribes and being corrupt there is also something called conflict of interest and Nigerians will be watching.”

“The DSS must widen its investigation,” adding that Nigerians are not expecting anything less.

7 Comments on DSS should probe more corrupt judges – Protesters tells Buhari

  1. Nice one


  2. I support this


  3. Hire crowd


  4. That’s not bad


  5. Bukola Ajisola // October 13, 2016 at 8:17 am // Reply

    The protest is spot on but can the president alone fight the corruption with a corrupt friendly National Assembly,NJC and NBA.
    The resources of the country in the hand of these renegades are so humongous they can orchestrate an impeachment of the president.


  6. I agree with what you guys say, as regards removing corrupt judges and replacing them …. But do I agree totally with Buhari or trust him enough to believe he’s doing it for the good of the masses and the country or for his own selfish interests/ and judges that will Favour him in those he chooses to fight ?????thats how he went about arresting judges at their homes in the middle of the night .. If they were evidence of their been corrupt, arrest them without doing it like a thief that comes to kill and destroy at night …: A man(mr President that claims to fight corruption but put in position ministers that everyone and even kids knew were corrupt during their time in previous offices held.. A man(mr President) that was told by the court for the bail of kanu(Biafra) but he didn’t obey the law because he thinks he’s above the law …. Or the man (mr President) that keeps fighting just PDP members for been corrupt and forgetting other corrupt parties(abi they no be part of Nigerians?) …… If one descides to fight corruption and wants the betterment of the country, should be generally because if not, the other corrupt ones left untouched will pollute the rest …….
    Nigeria is getting worse than it was left and therefore he should do something about it …. Yes we want a free corrupt Nigeria but the EFCC is there to do their job… We did not vote for Buhari only to come fight corruption…. No be corruption Nigeria one chop(even those who managed to have had jobs, have lost them) … Unpon all the corruption fighting the ones that are rich are getting richer and the poor ones getting poorer……..
    So let us not allow our minds be clouded/blinded with corruption fighting(because we are tired of does thieves politicians) and things will happen before our eyes and before we realize it, maybe too late …..


  7. Bukola Ajisola // October 13, 2016 at 3:34 pm // Reply

    Linda agreed that some Nigerians are getting richer in the economy she dismissed as suffering from over concentration on anti-corruption.
    It means she’s contradicted herself.It’s not in vain that the vice president is empowered to work on the economy.
    If some Nigerians are getting richer it means the economic outlook is not completely gloomy.


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