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Chibok girls: It is diversionary tactics, says Fayose

Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose has described the release of the 21 Chibok girls as a tactic to divert attention from the nation’s economic problems.


The governor spoke yesterday at the commissioning of three-block classrooms in Iyin Ekiti, Irepodun-Ifelodun Local Council area.

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He said: “The trick was employed by the Federal Government to divert the attention of Nigerians from hunger and the outrage that the crackdown on judges has created.

“Nigerians have had enough of the anti-corruption war. it is time for President Muhammadu Buhari to address the massive hunger that is killing people in the country.”

The classrooms were built at the Erelu Adebayo’s Children’s Home, as part of the activities marking the governor’s second year in office.

Fayose announced a donation of N250,000 for the purchase of uniforms for inmates in the orphanage and another N250,000 for their food supplements.

He warned against the diversion of the money into private pockets.

The governor said he was aware of the opposition’s conspiracy, describing himself as “Peter the Rock who cannot be removed unjustly.”

He explained that despite the plot against him by his political opponents, he would move to a higher political office to add value to the lives of the masses.

Fayose said: “Food security is number one, they should stop fooling us. Our economy must be urgently addressed because Nigerians voted for the government so that they can enjoy better lives.

“There is hunger everywhere, many husbands have been turned to wives in their families. The country is now so hard to live in, that only God would change the situation for us.

“It is not enough for a government to be allegedly catching thieves and kidnappers everyday while its citizens are hungry. Today, everybody is a thief in the country and only a divine intervention would save the people.”

According to the governor, people are suffering under the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government. He said he was not afraid of what man could do to him, but God, adding that the Buhari-led government has taken away the people’s rights.

4 Comments on Chibok girls: It is diversionary tactics, says Fayose

  1. Now dat they are back, what will they be eating in this had time. Cos very soon they will prefer to b with boko haram as they have been release into another prison


  2. I believe what fayose said


  3. Fayose is suffering from brain-wave. If it was PDP in power, he could call it an applaudable success….mtcheeww


  4. Fayose should answer this: which is more outrageous, his slapping of a judge inside his court & invading the court premises with thugs or the “invasion” of the judges homes while doing their legitimate duties? Nigerians know that Fayose is always high on something. For the very rare times he is sober, he talks like a human being but most of the time after sniffing, injecting or even smoking something he talks senselessly. He will of course not be happy that some of the Chibok girls have regained their freedom bcos in one of his drug-induced outburst he claimed that no Chibok school girl was taken away!


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