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‘If Aisha Buhari was my wife, she is packing her things back to her father’s house’ – Owie

Ex-Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Rowland Owie said that wife of the President, Aisha Buhari was right to have said that if her husband continues the way he was going with regards to appointment, she will not go and campaign for him in 2019, but the medium she used in making her points known was wrong.


According to Senator Owie, as the President’s wife, she would have said same to the President at home, even if it means during bedtime, adding that if his wife does a similar thing like the President’s wife, he would have sent the woman packing to her father’s house.

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Senator Owie said, “Aisha is right in criticism of President Muhammadu Buhari’s appointments, but the medium she adopted is very wrong. Such advice from a wife to a husband should be given at Bed time and not to the hearing of anybody.

“If a wife does that to me, the woman will return to her parent’s house within 24 hours of that statement. A Benin Parable says- Only one’s enemy that will advise one in the presence of The Oba in council.”

10 Comments on ‘If Aisha Buhari was my wife, she is packing her things back to her father’s house’ – Owie

  1. Sir how sure are you that she’ve not criticised him several times in private. Buhari is very proud and stubborn obviously. Atleast his latest shameful utterances confirms his pride


    • Owie, You are crying more than the bereaved. Her Excellency gave a sincere comment to add golden value to the change agenda of her beloved husband administration. Mrs Aisha Buhari is an inestimable jewel to her husband. PMB deserves a robust, sincere inputs and contribution to make Nigeria the most loving place to live on earth. All hands must be on deck to support PMB and his noble wife to bring positive change to Nigeria in every nook and cranny of of the Nation.


  2. This man is evil…. he’s using style to tell buhari to send his wife home

    sinator owie…u haff failed


  3. It is wrong for anybody however positioned to interfere in the affairs of the marriage of even his own children talk less of the first family. I am dissapointed in the senator’s statement in this matter. I commend the first lady for her boldness to air the people’s views. Most of us voted for the president and we don’t want him to fail. A word is sufficient for the wise.


  4. Chief Edward Amosu // October 15, 2016 at 9:23 am // Reply

    Mr. Owie , but God is greater than everybody, and He does not make you Aisha’s husband. You are not fit to have such a decent, frank, honest and courageous lady. Blood of the same feathers flock together. You are not within are range.


  5. Sen Owie u are a disgrace to this generation. Freedom of speech has become a crime, even to say, if it becomes ur wife. U talk so dirty. I wonder the kind of animal u are in ur home. I praise ur wife for still having u becos u speak like an outcast. Sorry!


  6. You can remain in the nineteenth century, we are more than happy to leave you behind. Girl power!


  7. For someone with Owie fixated mind to be a member of the Senate, the highest legislative organ in the country, explain why we have not made the needed progress and development. I am ashamed of this former Senator.


  8. @David lol…. Just imagine his statement …. First Buhari says the wife belongs to the kitchen, sitting room and other room and now this one says the wife would have packed if she made that statement to him…… They just do not have respect for women at all ……so what should be done to a man who makes a wrong statement to the wife in public,(the woman will still pack her things and leave abi) …..


  9. She doesn’t have to be your wife. Just drive to Aso Rock and send her packing, chauvinist pig you are.
    PMB goofed in his reaction that’s why his media aide is frantically trying to weather down the careless talk.
    If you don’t know the world is a global village and women are no longer treated as second class citizens.
    A leader that doesn’t respect the opposite gender stands a risk of being isolated and PMB knows this.
    So keep your foul mouth shut


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