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Watch President Buhari say his wife, Aisha, belongs to his Kitchen and living room (Video)

He said this while reacting to her controversial BBC Hausa interview.


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6 Comments on Watch President Buhari say his wife, Aisha, belongs to his Kitchen and living room (Video)

  1. Hahhahhha….PMB is s funny mehn. Indeed she belong to the kitchen and the other room.


  2. Fulani prick no dey retire.


  3. We don enter one chance for buhari hand already


  4. Say baba


  5. Where are all the Buhari activists…… Buhari has no clue on how to govern a nation, all he does is complain of past government and dwelling solely on fighting corruption …… Buhari’s problem is the problem of not taking professional advice from anyone …. He doesn’t understand that he can’t govern on his own …. He needs professionals in whatever field to advice him(especially in the Economic sector)….
    Imagine what a president of this century is saying about the First Lady ( the wife ) …, that’s very disrespectful…… That one Na African Trump …,


  6. Bitter Truth // October 15, 2016 at 6:00 pm // Reply

    Yes o! Where are the likes of Sunny on this platform? You once teased me of taking positions against the trends of this government because ” I belong to the team of looters attacking this governance because there is nothing more to loot”. One often feels like crying for this nation when all sorts of characters hijack opportunities to talk only to voice out highly misleading and falsely constructed view points and opinions. Nobody is saying PMB will find things easy as Nigerian President but he must be given frank and constructive feedback to make things work. Who else can interpreted the president better than his wife? Sunny where are you and your likes, please answer.


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