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Shocking! Federal Government Could Shutdown Shoprite and Other Retail Stores … See Shocking Discovery

Through its National Biosafety Management Agency, the Federal Government of Nigeria has issued a seven-day ultimatum to retail store giants, Shoprite and Next Cash ‘N’ Carry to withdraw any product that contains Genetically Modified Organisms from their stores or risk a total shutdown.


The Director-General, NBMA, Dr. Rufus Ebegba, said the complaints has come from the public about the sale of GMO foods in the two stores.

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He stated, “Recently, we carried out a survey of likely GMO products and we have been able to have some collections, some materials that we call GMO suspects. We call them GMO suspects because we have not been able to ascertain their status.

“Why we have invited the superstores basically is for them to understand that some of their products need to be properly ascertained before they are brought in, especially the imported ones that may contain genetically modified materials, so that they will not run afoul of the law.

“There is a law in place. We will not want any segment of the society out of ignorance to act in manners that will infringe on the law. The Biosafety Management Act empowers the NBMA to regulate the activities of modern biotechnology and the use of genetically modified organisms.”

According to him, the agency will not be hesitant in shutting down stores found selling unregistered GMO products in the country.

Edegba encouraged representatives of the superstores to ensure that all GMO products on their shelves were duly registered by the agency by obtaining permits.

He said, “If they have any GMO food in their stores, they should withdraw them from their shelves within seven days. The NBMA will not hesitate to shut down those stores found selling GMO products.

“We will not want to see any GMO food in your stores. We urge you to comply with this Act.

“We have taken samples, which we are analysing. This information is not peculiar to only the superstores. We are not threatening anybody, we are just telling you the consequences of dealing in GMO products if found in these stores. Within the next seven days, we believe you will withdraw from your shelves all foods that are derived from genetically modified organisms.”

The NBMA boss added, “Please, it is an advice and this advice is not without a legal backing. So we urge you to withdraw all GMO foods from your shelves and formalise your dealings by obtaining permits.”

9 Comments on Shocking! Federal Government Could Shutdown Shoprite and Other Retail Stores … See Shocking Discovery

  1. Like seriously


  2. FG should not do that ooooooo


  3. This is serious


  4. haruna Ahmed // October 15, 2016 at 8:24 pm // Reply

    Virtually all fruits in these shops are GMOs, bros those big bananas, apples etc

    God should help our health


  5. “We call them GMO suspects because we have not been able to ascertain their status” so funny. You should have tested them quietly before running ur mouth. I advice those companies to sue u if they’re found to be innocent. How can a serious govt be testing food on the pages of newspapers with no concrete evidence of wrongdoing yet keep calling corporate names


  6. Easy picking! The amount of GMO food consumed worldwide is astronomical. When you buy seedless fruits, extra large bananas, imported rice, import wheat/wheat flour, etc. they are all genetically modified for high yeild, which means more profit for the farmers. Simply Google GMO products and you will virtually stop eating anything imported.


  7. Shoprite is from SA, they obey laws in here in SA so they obey in my home country pls.


  8. Truth be told... // October 16, 2016 at 7:47 am // Reply

    Good step…if they have any unregistered product,it should be registered….


  9. Before shutting down Shoprite please give us a replacement. Don’t set us backwards


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