Apologise To Nigerian Women, Governor’s Aide Urges President Buhari

Hon, Miriki Ebikibina, the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Seriake Dickson on Inter-Party Mattersn weekend urged President Muhammadu Buhari to take serious the revelations made by his wife, Aisha Buhari during an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), saying such warnings has made or marred a nation in the past.


According to Ebikibina, though the openness of the First Lady, Aisha Buhari on issues of governance may be seen as an affront to her husband and sycophants plotting the downfall of the nation, the unguarded reply by President Muhammadu Buhari is a huge insult on Nigerian Women and apology should be tendered.

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Hon. Miriki Ebikina, who was a founding member of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and dumped the APC at the early stage due to ideological difference, told newsmen in a statement issued in Yenagoa, that President Muhammadu Buhari should apologize to his wife, Aishat Buhari and the Nigerian women for his unguarded statement against his wife at the full glare of global and Nigerian media.

“How can a President, at this age and time, condemned that his wife belongs to the kitchen, the living and the other room. Though PMB has the inalienable right to respond to whatever comment his wife makes but the choice of words and the global and political environment more so in an environment where Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, a woman, who is adjudged as most powerful and Nigeria is seeking economic, security and political assistance from”

“If he had known that women are to be condemned to the kitchen,he shouldn’t have campaigned before Nigerian women.‎ He has betrayed their confidence in betraying the promise of 35 per cent affirmation for women in political offices and now, condemned his wife,a woman to the kitchen”

“PMB should apologised for the regrettable and embarrassing statement to his wife for her objective on the poor governance and to the Nigerian women who had excelled and distinguished themselves globally and internationally.



  1. We all have different definition of our wife. He made his point that his wife should not dabble into politics. When he came to power he had said there is nothing called office of the first lady so why the deliberations. He never condemned women being in politics but his wife, dats Wat the old man wants if not I don’t think he will have women in his cabinet.

  2. Well come 2019 he will see that women have the political power to send him out of office and maybe start being house husband!!!! I will certainly not vote for him. He is not reasoning well due to old age!!!!

  3. Aisha should be wise to not let the world poke their nose into family issue.
    The man asking Buhari to apologise to women…….ask his wife about him too.

    (on a lighter mood O…….) If you want to give women equal power in Africa,

    1. Cancel the concept of dowry
    2. Cancel the concept of dropping the maiden name
    3. Cancel the concept of bread-winner
    4. When armed robbers come into the house both husband and wife should come out to confront as equal
    5. make it socially acceptable for women to confidently propose to men of their choice
    6. make women refuse the burden of pregnancy and share with men!!!!!

    I don’t condone bullying of women but there are is a reason why we don’t have dual-presidency (even coalition government still had hierarchy) it is not about superiority but division of labour. See what God did in the book of Genesis, we can’t be wiser than God. Help meet, means helper (Gbà ràn mí ti di ęlęrù) means “please hold this for me for a while does not make you the owner!

  4. Nice one @ tunde and moreover I don’t see the president condemn Nigerian Women. The man’s just saying Wat he wants from his wife. Why does he ave to apologise to Nigerian women? Let him be.

  5. Exactly! He didn’t condemn women and his wife is at the peak of whatever she’s doing. I don’t understand why people are making a mountain out of this situation. I honestly have a problem with feminists. Well, Before anyone stones me for supporting Buhari, am a woman, a medical doctor so I know what it means to be career minded without forgetting that its not about superiority but division of labor like Tunde said.

  6. Mr. Ebikibina, I beg to disagree with u, Mr. President does not owe anybody an oppology bcos he hasn’t done anything wrong. The remark he made was about his wife, no other woman was mentioned. We should always put things in their proper perspective.

  7. Whatever is name is ,should go and sit down and drink palaga as usual.
    Tender apology to who ? Ur wife or his wife ?
    Don’t know why nonsense person and an educated illiterate like Ebirikina should be give even a cleaner job anywhere left alone adviser .Mind ur business and face your family instead of talk talk
    Seeking recognition

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