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Buhari’s comments on Aisha, an embarrassment to Nigeria – Group

According to reports, the Centre for African Resources, Research and Development (CARRD) ‎has commended Aisha, wife of President Muhamma‎du Buhari over the recent interview she granted the BBC.


In a statement signed by its Chairman, Dr Ismail Ibraheem, CARRD said it nonetheless disagreed with “the attendant global political and gender-tilted reverberations-between President Muhammadu Buhari and his wife, Mrs Aisha Buhari”.

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The group also condemned Buhari’s response to his wife’s complaint, describing it as an embarrassment.

“Right in the face of global and Nigerian media, President Buhari said his wife belongs to the ‘kitchen, the living room, and the ‘other’ room’.

“This was a retort to an interview Mrs Buhari granted the BBC Hausa Service, in which she chided her husband for allowing ‘strange’ people into his cabinet and inner circle; people she accused of hijacking and destabilizing his administration, and incurring the wrath of millions of his loyalist-voters on his behalf.

“She also threatened not to campaign for him like she did in 2015, should he decide to seek re-election in 2019.

“While we agree that the President has the inalienable right to respond to whatever comments his wife makes, within and without the ‘kitchen and other rooms’, we disagree with him over his choice of words, and the global and political environment where he said them.

“President Buhari made those comments – which millions within and without Nigeria have interpreted to be misogynist, sexist and ‘Trump-like’ – beside arguably the most powerful woman in the world, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to diplomatically-veiled consternation from her.

“CARRD is tempted to ask what the President and his team are doing seeking economic, security and political assistance from a country whose leader is also supposed to ‘belong to the kitchen et al”, the group said.

CARRD reminded President Buhari “that his now ‘kitchen-belonging wife’ was of inestimable political help to him and his party during the 2015 elections, mobilizing millions of women’s votes for them, and defending her husband from misogynist and sexist accusations from the now-opposition.

“Indeed, Aisha Buhari’s cries of strange bed fellows in President Buhari’s inner circle and cabinet may not be far from the truth, with claims already in the public domain of the right officials and appointees being side-lined”.


11 Comments on Buhari’s comments on Aisha, an embarrassment to Nigeria – Group

  1. Stand in his corner and fight with him against…….
    the world, rather than back him into a corner. Every man wants a woman who is on his side when they’re in the midst of a trial. Be the kind of wife who cheers him on so he can win the battle.


  2. These people no get work to do. Where else are wives suppose to be, directing their husbands? Please the man has said what he want in a wife. Let every man decide his own.


  3. Mrs Aisha, my advice will be, Please please and please dont let this people, the journalist and all other sort of media come in between you and your husband, be very mindful of anything you say in the public because this is what the enemy will capitalised on to try and disrupt this government, you can sort any issue like out at home and dont allow your self and your home to be a laughing matter please be sensible enough to handle this issue going viral.


  4. Aisha, please don’t forget were you are coming from.


  5. ???☺ hausa women belong to the kitchen said presido. Y una wan die for the mata


  6. I will advise that people don’t make the first family their topic of discussion about how a home should be run. My advice to the president is that he doesn’t make himself the proverbial hunter’s dog that got lost for not listening to the hunter’s whistle. A word is enough for the wise.


  7. Its a shame on any man in Nigeria that still believes women are meant for kitchen, bedroom and other rooms. We all deserve to help each other anywhere anytime, I take kitchen responsibility when my wife is not there and that’s why we are one.

    In advanced countries, women are given respect for who they are, and that’s why you see them doing amazing things all around the globe. Now imagine if they were meant for kitchen, what would have happened to them. Anyway, that’s Buhari’s problem not mine.


  8. Which Advance countries are we talking about? By the way is Nigeria or Africa among advanced countries? All those throwing stones at Buhari and the western media should tell us how many times Michelle Obama went to CNN or BBC to join the Republicans to castigate Obama’s policies? How many times did David Cameron’s wife grant interview to BBC or CNN and castigated her husband’s policy while he was in power? Who has heard Anglo Merkels husband speak to German press and castigated her policies even at the height of refugee crisis? These are advanced countries? Have you ever heard of Putins wife on CNN or BBC? Even if Buhari will be a one tenure President, it’s not Aisha ‘s place to castigate him and disgrace the high office of the president of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. Buhari has abolished the office of the First Lady and Aisha is not appointed spokesperson of the Presidency. Her role is to stand by her husband and provide moral support including good meals.


  9. Buhari only said that, na Aisha dey control Buhari, she does’nt belong to any kitchen


  10. Everyone should be mindful of his/family. Aisha pls be careful don’t pack your legs outside. Before you grant any interview outside first discuss it with your hubby. God bless you and your family IJN.


  11. What all of you should ask yourself is ” Does Aisha really have the ear of Buhari?Buhari is a misogynist and an Islamic fundamentalist and this was clearly evident when he did not shake the hands of the female Ministers on being appointed!!!! He will drag women of this country back into the days of Muhammed given the chance. Katsina is one of the most backward States in the Federation where rape is very high and child abduction/forced marriage of minors is condoned. If you can’t clean your backyard how can you improve the ciuntry?


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