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Nigerian Youth Marries White ‘Grandmother’ to Escape Economic Recession (Photos)

As Nigeria plunges deeper into economic recession amidst the failure of President Muhammadu Buhari to surmount the crisis, Nigerian youths have been devising extreme measures to escape the scathing hardship. Please note photos are not real people





The Photos above are just for demonstration. This unnamed Nigerian young man reported to be in his twenties recently in the month of October married his white lover who is visibly in her 60s.

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Rumours have it that the duo met on an international dating site and after a long distance romance which the young man financially benefited from, he decided to tie the knot with her as a viable means of escaping the current economic recession for greener pastures abroad.

The duo sealed their vows at the Federal Marriage Registry, Ikoyi – Lagos and the event was well attended by the family of the young Nigerian.

“Congrats guys. what Green Card has put together let no embassy put asunder” a social media top commenter said.

6 Comments on Nigerian Youth Marries White ‘Grandmother’ to Escape Economic Recession (Photos)

  1. Old gist! Adelove, U fall my hand! Dis story is over 3-5yrs old Na!


  2. All bcos of green card


  3. The marriage ends as usual as soon as the guy secures his immigration papers


  4. This story is an old one naaaa!


  5. This adelove self


  6. Adelove, please get your facts right. Buhari is not the reason why a lazy guy in his 20s will marry a white woman in her 60s. That has always been the norm before Nigeria started facing recession .
    those guys want the green card and will do anything to get it.
    give us news with facts and figures not something that has been a norm for lazy and quick money guys.
    thanks .


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