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Obasanjo has no shame, he is becomimg a laughing stock, says Fayose

According to reports, the Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has blamed the current spate of corruption in Nigeria on former President, Olusegun Obasanjo.

obasanjo and fayose

The fiery governor who used to be in close affinity with the former President but strained relationship after accusing the elder statesman of attempting to impeach him in 2006, described Obasanjo as a laughing stock.

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In an interview with the Newsmen, the governor alleged that Obasanjo bribed lawmakers with N50m each for his failed third term bid.

Wondering if the former President has shame, Fayose alleged that the frequency with which Obasanjo visits the villa, shows that he is trying to “cover up something at all cost.”

Part of the interview reads, “That is if he is ready to make up with me.

“I’m not ready to take issues with Obasanjo because if you are talking about corruption today, Obasanjo is the cause. (What about) the N50m Obasanjo (allegedly) gave each lawmaker for his failed third term agenda?

” I was an Obasanjo boy. Obasanjo can’t be celebrated as a saint in Nigeria. When he talks, I just shake my head. Sometimes, when he goes to the [presidential] Villa, I wonder if he has shame at all. When he was [the president], Buhari was not visiting him regularly. Obasanjo is behaving like somebody who wants to cover [up] something at all cost.

“I want a former president that will know this nation does not belong to one man. Most of the problems in this country were caused by Obasanjo. The impeachment of a governor by four lawmakers was done during Obasanjo’s tenure as a president. Tell me where the moral is.

“We should not deceive ourselves. The fact that he is supporting the government of the day tactically is to protect himself. Sometimes, I ask if he is looking for a political appointment. Have you seen Ernest Shonekan and other former presidents visit Buhari like he does? He is becoming a laughing stock. That is the way I see it.

8 Comments on Obasanjo has no shame, he is becomimg a laughing stock, says Fayose

  1. What is the difference between Obasanjo and Tinubu?are the not leader in Yoruba land.You said nobody should rubbish Tinubu but you are disrespecting Obasanjo which is a Tinubu senior in politics and governance


  2. Fayose Is a Wailing Bastard, He Does not Respect Elders, a Loony Thief, Pls Pay Workers Their Own Salaries, Whoever Supports This Fayose Is a Bastard Like Him. This Is Democratic Government For Us Insult Fayose The Way He Did To Other.


  3. Fayose hails Yoruba leaders and condemns OBJ. He once beat a judge and condemns DSS’ arrest of judges. What an unstable man. He’ll never be a reliable leader. Shame!!!


  4. The greatest punishment GOD has visited on us in Ekiti is to allow garage boy in the person of Ayodele Fayose to be the Governor. He is very disrespectful that he should not be mistaken for a Yoruba man. Ayo where is your manner Mr. Poultary man? Have some decorum please Larry


  5. Sosan Oluseyi // October 17, 2016 at 9:23 am // Reply

    Up bringing and home training matters a lot. Fasose’s elder brother once said he’s a total regret being a member of their family, what else can one expect from a miscreant. Does he have training enough to know how elders are treated and respected in Yoruba culture? No


  6. Fayose, even though much younger than OBJ, has made himself more laughing stock than OBJ. If he does not know as a governor (he may actually not know),OBJ goes on errands for the President, regional, continental and even world bodies, so he may well have gone to Aso Villa to brief the President on the outcome of his interventionist errands.


  7. @Sosan Oluseyi,

    When you people insults other national’s elders, the age long Yoruba’s culture of respect for the elders is forgotten. Fayose is telling the raw truth about OBJ. Tinubu is a Party Leader and former Governor of Lagos State. He can visit PMB as he likes. OBJ was a member of the opposition Party and President for 8years of PDP. He showed his ingratitude to a party that he led after been brought out from prison and earn billions if not trillions therefrom. Hus visits to Aso Rock is to cover up for the raw deals during his tenure. Nigerians are waiting for PMB to probe his 8years rule where Capital Budgets were released in the last Week of December; when he knew of the anti-corruption laws he passed- that Capital vote money must be returned if not spent. Secondly, no ministry was allowed to pay down payment for contracts of supply and services until it is executed. The question, can any ministry and government agencies award contract and complete in one week? This gave room for IGP then Tafa Balogun to pack Billions through his companies by completing projects in his Office and paid himself and cronies.
    Iyabo his Daughter also got N300,000,000.00 share of Ministry of Health unspent capital budget money which was a subject she was arrested. If such open corruption took place in his Government, how much will the Ministers get from unspent Capital budget money during Obasanjo rulership. Yet, he parades himself up and down insulting others who worked more than him. What it appears OBJ is doing is to stand for former military rules. That the probes should not get to their door steps, not to disgrace the Military from which Buhari was produced.


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