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The Hips and Bum of this Curvy Woman Could Affect Your Heartbeat (Photos)

If you have ever shown apathy towards plus-size ladies/women, then Chrissy is here to change your mentality instantaneously.





















Chrisy Chris is not one of your everyday curvy women who flood social media pages with that pictures that hardly get the attention of both male and female folks.

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The American socialite in sensually endowed physically in all areas that make her a woman. She is blessed with a glowing dark skin, killer hips, luscious boobs, gargantuan bum and a very lovely facial look to cap it all.

On Instagram, she describes herself as multifaceted, curvaceous and audacious and a close study of her social media page confirms the vivid descriptions.

She is a brand promoter, a model and an entrepreneur who owns a showbiz outfit named ‘The Grip Effect’.

The Atlanta-based Instagram queen has about 106,000 followers on the picture-uploading social platform while she follows only 516 people.

16 Comments on The Hips and Bum of this Curvy Woman Could Affect Your Heartbeat (Photos)

  1. OMG!!! na only she waka come?


  2. Omo… e be like say she go follow me to the “other room” oooooo


  3. Rubbish


  4. @Beauty or whatever you called yourself… you are stink!
    This lady here is beautiful and confident in her own skin. She appreciates herself why are you jealous of her? Some of you go low on self esteem and take to sucide especially when you are fat! Celebrate whatever God give you and be happy. Be yea fat, slim, short, tall black or yellow.. don’t fucking bleach your skin or go under knife or injection silicon. You this low self esteem animal..


  5. @ Tony Eze, What did I do to you that made you to call me animal? Ogini? That I said rubbish did not mean I don’t like the lady or her curvy body. I passed that comment cos she was showing her naked body. Am not bother about your silly talks after all it won’t land dollars in my account. I can never be Jealous of any woman. I a mother of 3 , except you know me from home. I am beautifully made. Naturally endowed, and that is why I bear that name beauty.


  6. @Beauty, I used that word animal because it’s only in the animal kingdom that one animal kill another for being beautiful than them.
    Come to Miami Beach in America where I live in summer and see what is called “Naked”. I can’t see any naked picture posted here,Adelove normally blind naked picture or videos, oh yes they she is hot. Should know difference btw hot pictures and a naked image. Look at the background of those hot pictures carefully. You will see that they where taking at a beach, you will notice some tents and other people relaxing at the background, those are okay for a beach or swimming pool. It’s only Nigeria that you will see ladies going to beach with trouser and turtle-neck, some go to beach in Nigeria with full hijab self.
    Don’t be quick to judge people, try to be beautiful inside and outside.
    Am sorry if you think I insulted you but I can’t bear jealous people and I attack them whenever I come across one…


  7. Lady you are a daughter of Jazeebel. You are an agent of darkness looking for people to drag to hell fire. You an adulterer. You are shameless and you a demon posted human. No normal human being created by Almighty God in His own image will do all these things you just did here. You are one of the puppet of Lucifer to bring people to Hell. You already have followers who are really fighting for you on this page. Some wants to the other room with you. But this is a warning to you demons possesed human you days are Number. Jesus Christ is coming very soon and you will all end in bottomless pit burning in Lake of fire


  8. @beauty, please don’t mind Tony, anyone with common sense would know you meant she revealing her skin and not about she been beautiful, comfortable in her skin or ugly ……
    So @ Tony from Miami beach abi Miami bush let us hear word because only you have been to the USA before….. If u can see well am sure not all the pics that she revealed her skin was taken at the beach… Plus when one goes to the beach with bikini outfits like you stated and not trousers like those in Nigeria…. let it be an outfit for the beach not for Instagram, fb, public or any other social network……


  9. Kemylad@ Linda, God bless you my sisters. Parading naked on social media is now evidence to show beauty or curvy body.when I visited my sister in America. She gave be small short to wear to beach, and I said no this is equivalent to pant. I wore three quarter trouser that day, it did not reduce my beauty or anything. I am a real African woman, Naija for that matter. I can’t praise anyone posting such pictures on social media. May God deliver us from the hands of daughters of Jezebel in Jesus name. Amen


  10. @Linda,kemyland, Beauty, You people should go and hang transformer… bunch of hypocrites & ashewos. Jealous haters… must you people look her picture? Bad belle people… shame on you people, she is far better than you.

    See them talking of Jesus here, even Jesus asked your likes to throw the first stone.. keep judging her, that your God will judge you… Kettle calling pot black! See these bad market cheap ashewos calling another person Domitla, you people should go and drink acid if you can’t handle her success..
    Jealous haters… how many people follow you people? She has more than 100k plus and still counting, she is making it and you people want to jump in to rivers… you can’t just handle success ashewos dey Jealous themselves on the internet.
    Go and jump from 3rd mainland bridge because of her jealous kobo kobo low esteem people.


  11. @Tony, it’s obvious the kinda person you are, go back and read what you have written and ask your self if the person who wrote it is okay upstairs or probably high on something ….. ur IQ so low, sure didn’t even finish high school, so the issue it’s no longer about someone saying she was nude or pics been taken at the beach ehhhn ….. So it’s now about how many followers one has displaying their bodies and trying to tell us over and over again that they are comfortable in their body ….. Oga sorry eeehhhn, IQ so low, I want to weep for you……. Talking about how many followers, how does that add dollars to my Acct, value to my life or to the Society …….
    Just be focused okay and know why you are where you are at……
    Please just stick to the reason why u left Nigeria in the first place (to hustle ?????) and leave decency and integrity for the rest of the sane ones ?????……
    I rest my case ….. And please don’t bother replying telling me how you were born there, probably schooling or work position…. I expect you to but I do not care,just keep it to yourself and keep hustling ……


  12. @Linda, its unfortunate that haters like you and low-life jealous people like have no place in today society. I won’t be surprise when a frustrated prostitute like you eventually commit sucide.

    Tell me what right have you got to Judge other person like you?
    Tell me if you are a virgin before you got married? And that is if you can even get one Mushin thug or area boy to marry you. Because someone wore a bikin to a beach or swimming pool and took picture is now a sin in your own eyes and it for you to judge her and call her daughter of lucifer? How about all your own sin? Like fornication, abortion, your sleeping around, adultary, back-bitting, gossip, lust, even ordinary lies are all equal sin before God. You don’t have moral right to throw the first stone and condemned anyone to hell fire or call anyone Jezzebel. It’s her wall or page you can carry your ugly face away or you drink battery water
    You fuccking dickk head…. it’s only when you are fraustrated, after wasting your time sleeping around in school with countless abortion, lost your womb etc or having bastard imbecile children for your thug Agbero area boy husband, you then claim to become emergency born again and looking for who to bring down on social medial … you have failed in this case… Kaa koolu fun e laiye bi.
    Meanwhile jealous haters like you will not have rest in this world and life thereafter. He will not pick your calls , naa missed calls for una haters


  13. Different strokes for different folks. Leave her alone, you can simply ignore. You have no right to pass judgment. No be you get this blog. If you’re not pleased pls leave.


  14. @Linda, just so I help you, the lady in the picture Chrisy Chris is not a begger, my sister-dash-me and babies producing machine like you, Beauty and that Idiott Kemylan she is una senior grandmama any day.
    Chrisy is a brand promoter, an enterprenum, model, the name of her company is ” The Grip Effects”
    What is the name of you people company ? Or what is una father’s company name ? You people don’t build except to bring down! She is not kobo kobo Ikeja Allen Ashewo or Ojuelegba Olosho like una…
    Just so you know, read her profile well and it’s even posted by Adelove she is a brand promoter and a model so social medial, YouTube is her office forever. The more you hate her the more money she make. If you have equal gifts & endowed as claimed and you can compete with your badly bleached skin, fat rinkle body, flat yash , big tummy and you can open that your dirty grey hair without wig and that your unkept finger nails and armpit then common… meet Chrisy on Twitter, FB or instagram and let see… Awon haters jealous people …. una no go meet bus wahali tali.


  15. @Niyi, it’s a free world. You can prove me wrong or say otherwise. You can doubt or believe anything on this platform.. it’s depend on your exposure and I won’t get to the level of this or that with you on any city in the world …
    Share your opinion about the pictures above and stop bringing yourself to me. It’s an open blog baba…


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