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Arsenal ‘need a good bank’ to match Mesut Ozil’s wage demands- Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger believes star midfielder Mesut Ozil is keen to extend his contract with the north London club.

Arsenal 'need a good bank!' - Arsene Wenger finally discusses Mesut Ozil contract talks

Ozil, who is in the penultimate year of his current deal with Arsenal, is fiercely negotiating an improved deal as the club desperately try to tie down the German international to a long term contract.

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‘I don’t think he needs convincing,’ Wenger said. ‘He wants to stay here. If you have a good bank, call me,’ the Frenchman then joked.

Despite joking about negotiations, Wenger kept his cards close to his chest when asked if the club are close to agreeing a deal: ‘We keep that discreet. At due time we will come out with that,’ he said.

‘Am I confident he will sign? It’s not my main worry now. We want to keep our best players, of course. The more I say that, the more he is in a stronger position,’ Wenger added.

‘It’s not just money. Arsenal can win titles, of course. But that’s what we have to show.

‘We are in a league where Man City, Man United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, everybody, fights and you cannot guarantee that to anybody.’

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