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BBC interview: Buhari insists Aisha belongs in the kitchen

In Germany, President Muhammad Buhari reiterated his wife, Aisha’s place, belongs in the kitchen and not to dabble in matters of governance.


At a press conference with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, the President,  reacting to his wife’s interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which blew the lid on a cabal controlling his Presidency, said Aisha belongs to three rooms: his kitchen, living room and the other room.

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The President was not done yet.

After the Press conference, which ended abruptly, in an interview with Phil Gayle of Deutsche Welle (DW) – Germany’s public international broadcaster, President Buhari insisted his wife’s job is to look after him.

Asked to clarify his statement that his wife belongs in the kitchen, Buhari replied: “I am sure you have a house.. You know where your kitchen is; you know where your living room is and I believe your wife looks after all of that, even if she is working.”

The interviewer then said: “And so, that is your wife’s function?” To which the President emphatically replied: “Yes; to look after me.”

His comment was at variance with a previous explanation by his media aide, Mallam Garba Shehu, who said Buhari’s earlier comments were said in a lighter mood; a joke.

“My friends, can’t a leader get a sense (of) humour any more? Mr. President laughed before that statement was made,” Mr. Shehu said as the pronouncement drew worldwide condemnation. “He was obviously throwing a banter,” Shehu said.

In a BBC interview last week, Aisha said her husband  “does not know” most of the top officials he has appointed and warned she may not back him in 2019 unless he shakes up his cabinet.

She suggested the government had been hijacked, by a “few people,” who she accused of being behind presidential appointments.

“I am not a government official, but, in my opinion as a woman, a mother, what I think is it is well known that the first four years are not going to be easy.

“Firstly, it was people that brought the government into power. More than half of those people are not appointed into the government. Some people that are not politicians, not professionals were brought into the government. They don’t even know what we said we want and what we don’t,  during the campaign. They even come out and say to people we are not politicians, but they are occupying the offices meant for politicians.”

Aisha said she feared revolt of the 15.4 million people who voted her husband into power.

“Those people should know that people voted singly. Even Buhari too had one vote. Nobody voted five times. 15.429 million people.

“That one that people are thinking too, he had only some two or three people. I am pleading to them to have the people at heart and embrace everybody so that we can all move together. Not even now in 2016 or 2017, lot of people are creating divisions within the APC, which is our source of concern. They think they have worked for the government while those appointed, some of them had no voter’s cards. What I fear is uprising of 15.4 million people.

In his response at a Press conference with Merkel, after a  meeting, Buhari said having sought election for 12 years and succeeding at the fourth attempt and fighting to claim his mandate up to the Supreme Court on the three previous attempts, he was more knowledgable and more experienced than her.

“I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but my wife belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.”Continuing, he added, “it is not easy to do away with opposition or people who did not follow you along your campaign trail. I hope my wife will remember that I was in the field for 12 years, I tried three times, the fourth time I managed to succeed. And I ended up the first three times in the Nigerian Supreme Court, so, I claim superior knowledge over her and the rest of the opposition and I succeeded.

“It is not easy to satisfy the whole Nigerian opposition parts or to participate in government…”

7 Comments on BBC interview: Buhari insists Aisha belongs in the kitchen

  1. You guys putting Aisha in trouble faaa! The old man still remembers her job description and has not changed it, why are people trying to change that? Haba


  2. Let them both stay out of politics.


  3. Aisha’s coments clearly shows her inexperience as her husband has said as well as her narrow mindedness about politics and gorvenance. I am very sure she was not involved in the negtiations and intrigues that bought her husband to power, she should also understand that the 15M plus vote she was talking about was not the only votes that gave her husband the victory that has eluded him in 3 consecutive attempts even with her backing in these 3 attempts. We pray that God will help the government of pressident Buhari to be able to turn things around for good in this country and to nuture his relationship with the forces that join hands with him in sending PDP packing in 2015 so the pressident can be re elected in 2019 with or without his wife’s backing.


  4. The issue of Kitchen or living room……Buhari knows what he was saying, western world or immature minds don’t understand African Elder’s sarcasm, hence Buhari saying he does not know what party his wife belongs to. He was putting his wife in order about who the president is and who the people voted for.
    Aisha needs to learn from Michelle Obama, a wise woman does not just talk because you have freedom of speech when you know your husband is treading slippery ground.
    Military training and experience have taught Buhari (Aisha is not) how to walk the tight rope to survive amongst wolves dressed in sheep skin that are everywhere in Nigeria.
    I guess Aisha is trying to be protective and overly so for that matter…….no wonder she was warning Fayose that “I am not like my husband who keeps quiet when you insult him, I am much younger, I have strength to fight you back O’ (i paraphrased) Michelle Obama wouldn’t do that!

    The first family of Nigeria needs prayers. God will help them. Amen


    • It’s easy to refer to the West when we want to substantiate our point. Ha ha ha. What about The Michelles that have the rights to kick husbands out of the home…kinda unlike Africans.


  5. Aisha, am disappointed in you for altering that statement and I will want you to look back from were you are coming from and make necessary amendment before it’s too late. PMB, your husband is a man of honor.


  6. It’s PMB’s prerogative to decide what his wife is to him which is to say that, it is a private affair!


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