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(Episode 7) This is my Heart, not a toy – My Campus Life Experience

It was made in heaven her relationship with Sly; he was always bombarding her with calls and text messages. It was like a dream, she and Sly? She smiled to herself as she held closely the box of roses he had bought for her. He was a choleric romantic

Unhappy woman lying in couch

Her inbox was always full of his messages. She didn’t like sending text but having Silver as a boyfriend made her an addict. Any day that passed without exchange of at least ten messages between them felt like something was wrong. Silver made it a habit of visiting her with chocolates especially her favourite, Bun-Bun,

Silver: “Why are you in love with bum-bum?” he’d joke.

Michelle: “My naughty baby”, she’d punch him, “it’s bun-bun joor!” they’d laugh about it.

The kind of relationship she envisioned with Dapo, who happened to be her first was what Silver gave her if not more. Dapo kept hunting her but Silver’s sweetness couldn’t even afford her anytime to think of Dapo not after he’d almost ruined her life. They, always, were together and it was killing Dapo, who was pleading that he wanted her back. He was always calling and texting that he wanted her back but it was a case of a child whimpering after spilling a cup of milk-it was just too late.

Sandra had dumped him for good; rumour has it that they had a serious fight that landed Dapo in the hospital. On that day of the fight, restless Dapo, he ambulated around the room, looking at his watch at intervals like a man who had a wife in the labour room. Sandra had told him she was on her way to his place like an hour ago but there were no signs of her.

Dapo: “What’s wrong with this girl? Why does she always keep me waiting? Could she be doing this intentionally?…Now I miss Michelle my obedient and loyal babe ” he hissed.

He hurled himself to the bed, acerbated, the thought of Michelle crossed his mind; he had missed her so much. She’d never have kept him waiting for this long and silently, he longed for her company for she had a way of making things so perfect around him, she brought a positive vibes. But Sandra was very opposite haughty always complaining, too materialistic and the only time they weren’t at war was during sex; Dapo was practically tired of the relationship. The beeping of his phone brought him out of his thoughts, it was Fred.

Fred: “Guy, owfa? Anything for the boys?”

Dapo: “Omo good o o! Nothng dey o, na OYO eerybody dey o” he said dryly.

Fred: “Where your babe?”

Dapo: “Michelle?”

Fred: “Your omo sexy na! ”

Dapo: “Oh, have been waiting for hours now o!”

Fred smirked,

Fred: “I saw her like minutes ago dropping from Dr. Udoh’s car. E be like say she don change levels o. The girl don upgrade from 3G to 4G o”

Dapo: “Your head for there, na me you dey call 3G abi?”

Dr. Udoh was the head of their department who chased every girl on campus; they were rumours that he was dating Sandra and each time Dapo confronted her about that she’d wouldn’t deny but flare up.

Dapo heaved,

Dapo: “Hmmm, okay!” He heard a knock on the door, “Who’s that?” a female voice rang out, “maik I call you back, abeg.”

He opened the door and Sandra threw herself on him but he acted cold, gently pushing her aside, he turns away,

Sandra: “Baby, what’s wrong?” he shrugged, “ You no wan talk? Today na malice keeping day for una village? Okay o. Well, I’m hungry. what’s for dinner?” she went into the kitchen, vexed, he sits on his reading table as she came out whining about how he hadn’t prepared anything.

Dapo: “Can you listen to yourself?”

Sandra: “ Listen to myself bawo? Can’t I express myself again? Kilode?” her roving eyes gawked at him.

He shook his head,

Dapo: “where are you coming from to start with?”

Sandra : “Which kin question bi dis? Where you send me go? Are you my father abi when did you pay my bride price? It’s like you are beginning to over step your zone o”” she hissed.

Dapo shocked paced around vexed,

Dapo: “wait o, am I the one you’re answering in that manner? Are you mad?” he moved closer to her in anger expecting that she’d jitter but she stood still deafening his ears with the bubble gum in her mouth.

Sandra: “You’re the one that is mad! Infact,You dey crase, your father! Your Mother! Idiot! See this mumu wey I dey manage to keep body and soul together. In fact, all your village people dey mad, nonsense. ”

Acting on reflex he slapped her,

Sandra: “Ye!” she screamed quickly folded the sleeves of her shirt and gave him a stinging slap too.

He sent a punch her way; she dodged, flung her leg and hit his manhood as he lurched to the ground groaning in malady,

Sandra: “Next time you no go carry Lagos girl play! Mumu! Imbecile like you. Tufia!”  she grabbed her bag, spat on him and banged the door as he passed out.

And after the fight, Sandra went about talking ill of Dapo, that she had used him and dumped,

Sandra: “Dat wan? mtchew! I don finish wit em na, wetin remain for im body? I don suck all im liquid finish” she said to Shade her best friend and colleague in promiscuity.

Shade: “Na wa O! shey u say e gud for bed wella?” she blew a bubble of chewing gum in the air as it broke clattering.

Sandra: “Di bobo bin dey try but after I train em finish. E bicum Usain Bolt for bed.”

Shade: “The fastest man in the world!” she screamed, “I trust you, babe!”they shook hands.


Life became unbearable for Dapo; he just wanted to leave. And being a spoilt brat, the only son of a single wealthy woman, he got admission in the Uk,

Fred: “Guy, so na so you just wan leave us for here! Sake of say babe beat u?” he laughed

Dapo: “Babe beat me? You no well, the Baba wey do you, dem never born am… but no worry, I go carry you go for deliverence. Omo, I just wanna leave this country.” He added

Fred: “So, you don’t mind starting all over again?”

Dapo shook his head; it was two weeks to his departure date and he was bent on seeing Michelle. He bumped into her house unannounced. A knock came, she was getting dressed Silver was taking her to the movies; it was their usual Friday routine,

Michelle: “Yes? who is that?”

She opened the door and it was Dapo,

Michelle: “What do you want and please, who are you looking for?”

Dapo remorseful,

Dapo: “You have the right to be mad at me but please, can I at least come in?”

Michelle wasn’t going to buy that, going in with Dapo was a bad idea for he knew the power he had over her and she wasn’t willing to take chances.

Michelle: “No!” she looked away as he stared into her eyes, “say whatever you have to say here and go back to where ever it is that you are coming from!” she avoided his eyes.

Silence fell upon them after a few seconds, her legs were tiring,

Michelle: “please, I’d advise you leave. I’m getting tired.”

Dapo: “Please, hear me out,” her eyes met his as she swallowed back her words; she acted confused not knowing what to do.

He was her first and she was his first too; they had a bond.

Michelle was scared at that point, for she knew if Silver came around he’d be disappointed,

Michelle: “come in and please, say what you’ve got to say and get done with it. I’m going out!”

Dapo entered, sat on a small stool and dropped the gift he brought for her on top of the table sized fridge as she sat; he wobbled on his knee and started crying. The tears enfeebled her, tears stood in hers too. Honeyed words he poured on her and by the time she heard he was leaving the country; a strange feeling pounce her, it was something she couldn’t explain.


At the cinema with Silver, she acted gloomy, flared at everything he said; he could tell that something was amiss. Being the gentleman he tried to make her smile but it didn’t work. She had suddenly lost interest in watching the movie. It was Kunle Afolayan’s latest movie “Phone Swap” it was the second time it was been shown, she missed the first, so she had longed for the second-Silver practically had to sacrifice his last cash to buy tickets but he didn’t mind; all he, ever, wanted was her happiness.  As the movie was on, her mind flew to Dapo’s visit that evening- they had kissed passionately, they tore at each other, clawing into each other’s skin as though possessed by an unknown spirit, she rushed at his buttons and pleaded he had sex with her; it ended up in a long lasting session.

With tears in her eyes,

Michelle: “Dapo!”she whispered, “I’ll miss you!” tears gathered in her eyes coincided with an emotional scene in the movie, Silver thought the movie was responsible for her emotional state, he wrapped his hands around her. And kissed her on head, unconsciously she shrugged irritated by his good gestures, she felt indifferent about Silver.

She was still in love with Dapo; it was obvious Silver’s love wasn’t strong enough to save her from Dapo’s grasp.

Was her emotion misleading her again? Was she right to feel that way about Dapo?  What will Silver think of her if he ever finds out that she slept with Dapo?

…. Stay tuned for Episode 8  (You don’t want to miss this!)

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