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Governor Okorocha debunks claim that Buhari’s trip to Germany was for medicals

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, who was part of the president’s entourage to Berlin, Germany, on Sunday debunked the speculation that President Muhammadu Buhari’s three-day visit to Germany was more of a medical trip than a state visit.


Second Republic politician, Dr Junaid Muhammed, had, in a media interview, alleged that Buhari visited Germany on Friday to seek medical attention over an undisclosed illness.

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Dismissing this claim during an interview with State House correspondents in Abuja, the Imo Governor stated that the official engagements of Buhari in Germany, had no connection, whatsoever, with medication.

He pointed out that the visit to Germany only ended on a compassionate note yesterday with the president’s convoy veering off its way back to the airport in Berlin, to visit a Nigerian military officer receiving treatment in a Berlin hospital.

Okorocha said, “President never went for any medical check-up. At least I was with him till 1.00a.m, after the dinner before I left him and he went to bed.

“I went to bed and the following day I came out to see him in the morning, So, the president never went for any medical at all. The only hospital we went to was to see a general who had an accident.

“These are some of the things that people make uninformed comments and I do not know why in this part of our world we are always happy when someone is going down. I think there is need to change our attitude completely.

“If this issue had been on issue on how to move Nigeria forward, you won’t see on social media, you will not see comment on it, nobody we talk about it,’’ he added.

3 Comments on Governor Okorocha debunks claim that Buhari’s trip to Germany was for medicals

  1. please God save this Nation Nigeria from a propaganda rumor based party PDP whose only stock in trade is to mislead the Nigerian masses, all this is to come back to power, God forbid, useless party


  2. Buhari is preparing Rochas to replace Lai Muhammaid probably by 2019 if he wins.


  3. Na u get ur mouth so u say what u like with it


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