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List of Things You Are Entitled to by Law From Your Employer

An insightful piece on a list of provisions to be made available to an employee by the company of employment has been given by a writer.


Perhaps you are just starting out on a new job and you have just resumed or you have been serving your employer for months or years now and you don’t know what the law compels them to do for their employees, this list would help you.

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I was ignorant about some of these things as a young graduate but now I know better. If after your months salary has been paid you noticed some deductions then meet with your HR for clarifications. Judge the environment before engaging the HR. Be smart.

List of things your employer owes you:

(1) Your employer owes you a contract letter. This is a letter containing the terms of service, remuneration and other conditions that you have to consider before signing.

(2) Your employer owes you a hand book. This is very important for you to understand the vision, mission, values, culture, the dos and don’ts of your company. Usually, no action should be taken against you without the handbook. It’s like the constitution.

(3) Pensions contribution. A monthly payment which is deducted from your account and added too from your employer to be paid into your account. This you must receive alert every month. Usually, it’s from 7.5% above depending on your industry.

(4) Health insurance card. Your employer is required by law to get you a health insurance cover. The insurance is for basic health and in some cases pregnancy and surgery depending on your level. There is bronze, silver, gold etc. Usually, you should have a health card.

(5) Tax card. Taxes are being deducted from your account monthly and credited into the tax commission of your state monthly. This is what shows you as a good citizen who pays his taxes. Usually, there is a tax card and it’s very important if you want to transact with the government.

(6) Mortgage contribution card. This is usually being deducted from your account monthly and paid into the FG account. You are entitled to a mortgage contribution card which serves as an evidence for when the opportunity for a housing scheme comes. It also helps to get you housing loans from government.

(7) You are also entitled to a yearly 20 working days leave which could be used at the discretion of your line manager or company.

(8) Your company owes you an ID card. Very important. This is what shows that you are associated with your organization.

(9) Your employer by law has to provide you a conducive environment which is not only safe but good for your mental health void of abuse and harassment.

(10) Lastly, your employer owes you your monthly salary.

This list is by no means exhaustive but for those who don’t know, I hope I am able to help a little.

6 Comments on List of Things You Are Entitled to by Law From Your Employer

  1. Hmmm….i need to show my boss this


  2. Well noted


  3. Thanks for the info…the mortgage card was one I was not aware of back then in Nigeria. But if it is operational now then that is really good.
    what comes to mind now is what happens to employees who are in the employment of a small company with staff strength from 5 people?

    Does the law also expect the employers to provide at least the basics such as health, pension, tax and conducive environment especially in Nigeria?


  4. What about annual leave and leave allowance. Maternity leave nko?


  5. Are you talking about Nigeria?


  6. I appreciate this info.


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