After the white man, the next most important person created by God was Igbo, says Ekwueme

Second Republic vice president, Dr. Alex Ekwueme has reiterated the need for Igbo people to unite and trust each other as they were doing in the past, arguing that it is only by so doing that their area would move forward in the Nigeria project.


Ekwueme, spoke at the traders’ summit and award ceremony organized by Anambra Consensus Project, ACP, to honour outstanding traders in all the 57 major markets in Anambra State. The ceremony took place at Amaokpala in Orumba North local government area of the state.

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He recalled that Igbo were strongly united before and immediately after Nigerian Independence and wondered what went wrong over the years, considering what is currently happening in the Igbo –speaking states of the country.

He said: “When I returned to Nigeria after my studies abroad, I worked for the then ESSO West Africa Limited and the job took me to many cities in the Northern part of the country. I found out that there was no place you would go and won’t find an Igbo man and they all cooperated well.

“If you wanted to buy APC medicine in any city in the North, whether it was Kano, Maiduguri, Kaduna, Bauchi, Bida, Minna, anywhere, it was an Igbo person that would sell it to you.

Igbo people were so industrious that Northerners were saying that after the white man, the next most important person created by God was Igbo.

“When Igbo was Igbo, there was so much unity, such that once Igbo leaders met and took a decision, every Igbo person would abide by it.

The trust among Igbo was responsible for the reason apprenticeship became popular with the result that parents would allow their children to stay with an established Igbo man to learn a trade for periods ranging from five to 10 years after which the apprentice would then be settled to start his own business.

“Even after the settlement, the newly settled young trader would be getting goods on credit from his former master and return the money after sale because of the trust that existed.

But lack of trust has diminished that age long cooperation between the master and his former apprentice, which is very worrisome.

“The main problem of the Igbo today is lack of trust. If we can rebuild the trust among ourselves, our people will be better for it.”

While the former vice president appreciated the efforts of Igbo traders engaged in import business, he advised them to pay more attention to areas that would enhance export, arguing that it was by so doing that they would be in a position to withstand the uncertainties in the foreign exchange trade.

President of Anambra Consensus Project, Dr. Emeka Eze explained that the organization was committed to promoting Igbo ideology, as well as oneness of the Igbo and a unified direction of Igbo growth and development.

He explained that the 57 best practicing traders of the year would enjoy some privileges, adding that ACP would register the certificates awarded to the traders with some embassies to enhance their visa opportunities whenever the need arose.

He said that the recognition of the outstanding traders would be annual event, which would in future, be extended to the markets in Aba, Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt.

Secretary to the Anambra State Government, SSG, Professor Solo Chukwulobelu, who represented Governor Willie Obiano at the ceremony, said the state government would adopt the same template in rewarding outstanding civil servants in the state.

He also said that government would meet with the leadership of the traders to work out ways of partnering with them to boost trade and commerce in the state.



  1. Mr gogo, let me correct you anini was not Igbo person. He was Edo state,by extension a Yoruba person,so what’s that?,let’s face facts Igbo people are unique in some ways hardly can you go anywhere and you will not find one Igbo person,we Yorubas we are very comfortable in our homes, when you travel around the country you can then understand,lets not be so sentimental in every thing say or do that alone is killing the country

  2. Chief Alex, you are basically agreeing to the fact the white people are superior to you. Which is ok, as long as it refers only to you and your family/kinsmen. Slavery mentality has destroyed our people.

  3. The problem with the Igbo is greed and avarice for money
    The Igbo have no aota of respect for the poor
    In Igboland, the poor are despised, marginalised and treated more or less like the outcast that is supposed to have no sense
    On the other hand, irrespective of the source of wealth, the rich is worshipped, is always right and gets all the red cap titles
    The result of this wrong mentality is the unfortunate trend whereby many young Igbo youths are forced into all dangerous means of making money, such as 419, drug pushing, kidnapping etc, so as to belong to the rich class and get recognised
    Sadly, several of these young brilliant youths have in the process ended up on a sad note
    A change of attitude and in outlook to life is the solution

  4. @Sunny, u are so wrong to make such general statement about igbos. If u have a friend or anybody for that matter who has such situation in their community, u can’t use that to paint all we igbos with one brush, in my community and communities around us, the poor is never despised rather everybody is challenged to work harder by the achievements of his mates. It may likely be the same among your people too.

    • Ed, I never meant that every Igboman is quilty of such
      I mean it’s common in Igboland
      Honesty, I never new your were Igbo
      I have been seeing your posts on this forum and I really have a lot of respect for the way you reason
      I am sorry if I have caused any offence by my post
      It was never intended
      I fully understand your point and I quite agree with you that everyone cannot be the same in this regard

  5. Wow… I had so much respect for this man but all that has just gone down the drain simply because he believes the white man is superior to him…, it also shows he’s very tribalistic. How can an elderly statesman make such a statement???

  6. For those capable of reading between the lines Ekwueme is simply saying “the Igbos have been vindicated again in deciding that Buhari was not the messiah highly sought by Nigeria and Nigerians”…..going by trending things

  7. @sunny what are you saying??? That’s not true and where in this world is the rich or famous not worshipped(respected) ??? Where in Nigeria were you told that only the Igbo’s involve themselves in 419, rituals or whatever means you mentioned…… All these men, plus politicians thristing for power and doing anything possible to get there(even killings) are they all igbos ….. So stop been bias …
    What the man is simply saying is that, where there’s no trust or unity, whether with igbo’s, youruba’s, hausa’s, communities or countries, there’s bound to be destruction(United we stand and if not we all fall) …..

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