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What EFCC did to me and my son in Ekiti – Fani-Kayode’s wife explains

Precious Fani-Kayode, wife of former minister of aviation has explained what transpired between her and some officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in Ekiti State Monday.


Mrs. Fani-Kayode had gone to Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital, to see Governor Ayodele Fayose when she stopped at the branch of Access Bank in the town to withdraw money. She was stopped by some officials of the anti-graft agency.

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Speaking with Newsmen after the drama, Mrs. Fani-Kayode lamented that she was badly treated by the officials while her baby was denied food.

She warned the anti-graft agency to leave her alone as she was not a politician but a private person.

She stated, “I’m not a politician and that account had been dormant for about five years. I only activated it last month in Port Harcourt.

“I decided to go to Access Bank to make some withdrawals when I was detained on the instructions of the EFCC.

“They told me the account had been frozen and they were asked by the EFCC to arrest me on the spot.

“I have been operating the account since 2005 when I was a student in the university. They had earlier frozen my two bank accounts which they have not opened till today and I have been waiting for them to invite me, but up till today, they have not.

“The balance in the account is just N200,000; so, I don’t know what their interest is. I’m a private person. I have not received any political fund; so, why are they trying to starve my family?

“That account has nothing to do with politics. This is dehumanising. I had to called the governor to inform him of the development.”

Condemning the action of the EFCC and the attitude of the bank officials, Fayose warned the anti-graft agency against becoming lawless and reckless against Nigerians.

Fayose added, “They can’t try that nonsense in my state. If they try it, there will be a showdown. They are over-stepping their boundary.

“This is a country that operates a constitution. What kind of molestation is this, taking away the rights of Nigerians because you are investigating?

“Must they terrorise people because they are in opposition? I have demanded an apology from the bank. If it fails to do that, I’m done with them. This is lawlessness.”

11 Comments on What EFCC did to me and my son in Ekiti – Fani-Kayode’s wife explains

  1. Thats too bad nah


  2. Why would they that to a governors wife for Christ sake


  3. Fani Kayode’s wife claimed she went to Ekiti state to see Fayose
    Doesn’t that sound strange ?
    To see Fayose for what
    We do not seem to have heard the real truth


  4. I really don’t understand this country anymore,are there some individual that are above the law? Who is fayose? So that means he can carry thugs one day to beat or Harass the management of any organization that doesn’t bow to his request. Let’s be realistic here, things ought to be done the right way, for me fayose is a disgrace to the Yoruba race!!!!!


  5. Bola Ajidagba // October 18, 2016 at 6:26 pm // Reply

    Can’t you see folly in the story. She went to see Fayose & she stopped by to withdraw money. If she is in dire need of money, Fayose cannot give her money especially if all that is in the account is just 200k. She must have thought she can beat the ‘No Debit’ restriction on the account. Now that Wike & Fayose are using kangaroo force nobody is talking of the rule of law. If & when federal might is brought against them we will then remember the rule of law


  6. She is a private person and unless EFCC has probable cause they should either charge her or leave her. This whole situation of unnecessary harassment of people who have no political involvement should stop otherwise Efcc will just be a BIG BULLY!!!


  7. The woman, Fayose and Fani-Kayode are part of the old PDP megalomaniac tendencies of lies, lies, lies and more lies and confusion exhibitions that dragged us to where we are in the country presently. We can no longer be fooled by these fools!


  8. EFCC ni!! They should try sanitising themselves first before harassing ppl un necessarily, today someone is arrested for a financial crime,tomorrow he is released after bribing the so called EFCC. Nigeria!!! I don’t think there’s hope fr this country.


  9. Time will tell. There is ‘something’ that the accused and are group are hiding. Wike and Fayose ‘s actions are very similar. If both of them do not have something to hide, they couldn’t have engaged their thugs in the forceful release of their agents. Very soon like some of the judges ,more revelations will be discovered on the atrocities of these two gentlemen.


  10. They all pen and papers robbers, what does the wife of Fani kayode get to do with fayose house? The money is more than #200k, according to EFCC report,the money is up to 1.1 billion, where she got the money from?


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