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4 Shocking Things that Happen to You When You Stop Having S*x

S*x is very beneficial to the human body although premarital pleasure has been described as a sin by religious bodies.

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S*x could be used as a viable substitute for physical exercises according to medical experts.

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During orgasm, there is a hormone named oxytocin a.k.a ‘cuddle hormone’ that gushes into your system. It’s the one responsible for the joy and the general feel good sensation coursing throughout your body after good s*x.

As interesting as the previous paragraph might be. Not every lady can have a fulfilling s*x life. These can be due to several reasons such as personal decision informed by religion or spirituality, plain bad s*x partners or whichever reason it might be. Ladies do also have dry periods of s*x. While some people think if a guy doesn’t have s*x for a while, his sperm might transform into tadpoles, which is totally false.

There are a few things that might happen if a lady stops having s*x, especially with the sexual organ itself, the v*gina:

1. Sex is painful

Having s*x for the first time or after a long period of time will be very distasteful, the pain can be severe. The most common side effect of a prolonged celibate stretch is painful intercourse, says Brett Worly, MD an ob-gyn at the Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center. Just as it hurts when you go for a run after a long stint of couch-potato-ing, you might feel some pain relieving a dry spell, “because your muscles aren’t used to having s*x.”

The risk is even greater if your celibacy occurred because of something unpleasant, like an ugly breakup. “Psychological issues weighing on a person’s mind can cause pain, too,” says Worly.

The cure: Lubrication (the bottled kind is fine if you’re not producing enough on your own), foreplay, and communication are imperative. Worly advises couples to start slowly, to “ensure there’s no pain, and that it feels good.” And if it starts to hurt, stop. Try again another time, using even more foreplay, and even more lube. S*x isn’t a no-pain/no-gain type of activity.

2. V*gina Lockdown

The better looking sister of Shutdown, v*ginal pains can be very transient, its possible for it to be cured with a good measure of endurance, foreplay and lubrication. While unluckily in some cases the constriction of the v*ginal muscle can be very bad that penetration is so tough even from a tampon or a finger.

The condition is called V*ginismus. It can be an aftermath of r*pe or abuse.

If this happens to you, get help right away. “I recommend seeing a gynecologist to get a diagnosis and a recommendation for a pelvic-floor physical therapist,” says s*x therapist Holly Richmond, PhD.

She explains that the pelvic-floor physical therapist will put you through a series of gentle exercises. “The therapist will also prescribe a series of dilators to insert, gradually increasing in size.”

3. Gone Orgasm

Orgasms are so terrific but if you’ve stopped having orgasms for a long period of time, your body is wired in such a way that it stops asking for it. Some people might be happy with us because it helps their abstinence lifestyle, it will make you lose all the benefits that s*x gives.

To get your groove back, Richmond advises a regular masturbation practice. See, masturbations isn’t as bad as people claim them to be. “Orgasms are just good,” she says. “By yourself or with a partner—your body will thank you for all the endorphins.”

“People who are comfortable masturbating tend to be more thoughtful and giving lovers,” Richmond says.

4. V*ginal atrophy

This would happen to folks who see s*x as less important after they’re out of their childbearing years, but that’s not the case, people.

The production of estrogen drops quickly during menopause. The v*gina and vulva have more estrogen receptors than any other part of the body, says Barn DePree, MD.

In post menopausal women, it’s “use it or lose it,” since an inactive s*x life can spur v*ginal atrophy. That means the walls of the v*gina dry out and become thin, so they’re more apt to tear.

Like the other professionals consulted, DePree recommends that women who don’t have a partner practice self-love on the regular. And if there is a partner in the picture, get busy. How much s*x is enough? “I have a 75-year-old patient who has sex two or three times a week,” says DePree.

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