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Drama as Buhari’s NCC board nominee presents one-year diploma certificate as academic qualification

One of the arrowheads for the campaign that the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria be scrapped, Alhaji Aliyu Saidu Abubakar, on Wednesday, insisted that Nigeria does not deserve a bicameral legislature.

senate amaechi2

Aliyu, who is a nominee representing the North East in the proposed Governing Board of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) stated that the upper legislative chamber was a waste of fund and government resources.

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The nominee had appeared before the Senator Gilbert Nnaji-led committee on Communications for the ongoing screening of NCC board nominees.

A member of the committee had confronted the nominee, asking why he would accept to appear before the same Senate which he once led a protest for its scrapping.

The drama, however, started when instead of apologising to the Senate and repent of his previous moves, the nominee insisted that the senate be scrapped as cost of running the legislative arm was high and unbearable.

The nominee noted that a situation where the senators had been receiving huge transport, wardrobe and dressing allowances and others was a clear economic loss to the country.

He also listed the purchase of expensive vehicles for Senators as another reason why the upper chamber should be scrapped.

“The Senate is an avenue for wastage of scarce economic resources of the country. The Senate must go”, Aliyu insisted.

Meanwhile, the committee had earlier listed what it described as “grave irregularities” in the personal records of the nominee while perusing through the copies of curriculum vitae he submitted.

The committee noted that apart from birth certificate, there were only copies of court affidavit and police extract dated the same day, claiming loss of his credentials.

This made the committee to infer that the court affidavit and police extract may have been procured after Abubakar had been nominated to serve in the board.

The committee also said that it was interesting that the highest academic qualification of the nominee was a one-year “Diploma in Computer” from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi.

It also revealed that the attached statement of result was dated 23rd September 2016, also obtained after he had been nominated by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Requested to show reason why he chose to present documents that were procured shortly after his nomination and also why he believed that he was qualified to function as a National Commissioner in such a critical agency like NCC given the rigours, challenges and required expertise for efficiency of the commission, Aliyu said he “did not bother to go for the credentials.”

He explained further that he “only went to school merely for knowledge having been self-employed prior to the nomination.”

14 Comments on Drama as Buhari’s NCC board nominee presents one-year diploma certificate as academic qualification

  1. He’s qualified and shld be clearred fr d position. We dwell too much on qualification after all naija constitution say requirement to occupy public office is WAEC certificate . so???


  2. Oooh my world! I most sincerely salute this man’s bravery, fearlessness and courage. Standing before the senators whose intents were to intimidate and cow him, repeated and maintained his position on what he thinks and has a strong convinsion on, inspite of d fact that they were to clear him for such an envious job and position. For sure, there are still men who would never trade their concience, believe, intergrety, positions, honor, pride and respect for anything! Bravo sir!


  3. This is not funny anymore


  4. When you give a carpenter job to a bricklayer you should be able to anticipate the outcome. Someone with no other qualifications than a 1 year-diploma in computer to be a National Commissioner that will be earning over 1m Naira per month? What input do you expect from him? PMB has a great reputation that must be preserved. This guy is not qualified for this job. There are so many experts out there that will ably fill that vacancy.


    • @sanyo ever heard “He who knows WHY will always be boss over he who knows HOW”.

      It’s basically administration, coordination of the “experts” under him.


    • Minimum requirement is school certificate…I swear
      Even to become president of Nigeria …all you need is a school cert.
      The question is is he qualified or not ?


    • Kabiawu Babajide // October 20, 2016 at 4:20 pm // Reply

      But your country has produced so many professors and highly intelligent professionals who can speak good grammars eloquently and meticulously but none of our Nigerian University products has ever manufactured common Resistor, the cheapest of all components talk less of capacitors or ICs.

      Bill Gate, Albert Heisten, Michael Faraday and other great men or geniuses never completed their University degree yet they ruled the world.

      My brother I think it’s time you people start thinking positively.


  5. Lolz that man is the biggest fool of recent times


  6. There is a valid point regarding the scrapping of the current bicameral legislature. Academic qualification has little revance here more particularly in a country full of ignorant academics. Let us focus on the quality of reasoning.


  7. For a position of this capacity Aliyu does not fit in.It is like giving a primary school teacher a place in the University just because he is a teacher. He lacks the technical know to manage a technical NCC. Although his judgement for the scrapping for the bicameral Legislature is not a bad opinion considering how they have made the country unbearable for the grassroot citizens with unequal allocation of wealth giving Nigeria indices a false spring and a strong push inflation.


  8. Does this man has Knowledge about Telecom business before his nomination or what qualification and experience is he coming with to occupy such a position?
    Nigeria we should put the right peg in right hole to move our dear nation forward. God bless Nigeria.


  9. This is why most Hausa-Fulani young men do not value education. Because, they see people like these of their stock hold high positions in Federal Institutions and get served by Southern Technocrats who have spent years and at great expense to acquired education, only to end up serving an illiterate. To them, a diploma in whatever name is sufficient to be the Boss. As Late Gen. Ojukwu said, “the man without eyes lead the one with eyes. The illiterate leads the educated,” This is why we make progress in Nigeria. People like him are holding positions all over the place and causing severe damages, and retrogression in Nigeria.
    This is also why Government Companies fall after Billions of petrol dollars are spent to float them, and you get persons with Diploma in Islamic Studies as the Director of Finance and Supplies, Managing Directors in the name of Federal Character. Would Buhari nominate a primary Six man or so like this from the South, West or East to a Board of an Agency monitoring Leading Technologies in communication and would understand what to do with respect to aims and objects of the Agency?
    @Ocee, how do one coordinate what he does not know at all. The Hausa-Fulani have continued in this fashion over time and cannot change. That is why they do not like to hear anything privatization in government Companies where they occupy high ranks without any qualification relevant; so once privatized, the new owners would find no need for them.
    The reasons Nitel and Nepa died natural death despite government expenditure was the likes of Alhaji Aliyu Saidu Abubakar, both old and young packed into government Companies in the name of Federal Character from Muritala Mohammed era do to Abacha. They were the ones going to overseas trainings without understanding what they are there to do, because of very poor backgrounds and relied solely on their sponsors and also embezzled and run these companies aground.
    Who is the Westerner or Easterner or Southerner that would work under him to achieve the desired result with his Certifications?
    So, they want other people in this Country spend money, time and efforts to train a child for many years, only to end up being coordinated by an Hausa-Fulani with a 1year Diploma from Zaria or whatever University, which the coordinators cannot even defend?
    Please, give this Alhaji a Desktop to booth and you will find that he may not know where the switch is situated. That is how a man from Borno in 1992 who has not seen a Cheque Book was appointed Director of Finance and Supplies of NAPIMS when its office was situated at Industrial Bank House then, opposite Eko Hotel.
    He is not qualified and cannot go there. How can any person coordinate an activity you do not have any idea, how it is done?. He is only interested in the money. If he is truly a patriot, he will not accept an appointment he would not be able to contribute any value to it. It is time, the insult on other Nigerians be stopped. Bring your first eleven to where others have presented their first eleven.
    This also why the Hausa-Fulani do not like True Federalism which we practice. There is will be no free lunch and money for them to pack without qualifications of the Centre is unattractive and all must bring to it. Today, they are having a Lion Share of what they contributed nothing.


  10. Truth be told... // October 20, 2016 at 2:18 pm // Reply

    His idea about scrapping the senate is commendable,him starring down the barrel in the senate hearing is also courageous but truth be told,he is definitely not qualified for the job.


  11. We should not always exhibit our ignorance on this Forum. By our Constitution, u need only a certificate confirming u passed ur WASCE to be a President, much less, a member of Board! Moreover, the hood does not always make the monk.


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