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Emir only endorsed 14-year-old girl’s marriage to subject – JIBWIS

According to reports, the Katsina State branch of ‘Jama’atu Izalatil Bidah wa Iqamatis Sunnah’ (JIBWIS) has clarified that the Emir of Katsina, Alhaji Abdulmumuni Usman, is not the one who married the 14-year-old girl, Habiba Isa, who was allegedly forcefully converted to Islam and forced into marriage.


The Islamic group, at a press conference in Katsina on Tuesday, said Habiba’s husband was “a young man called Jamilu Lawal.”

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The group, which spoke through its chairman, Sheikh Yakubu Hassan, cautioned against people dragging the name of the royal father into the controversy.

The group said, “The allegations recently made by Christian leaders in the state that the Emir of Katsina forcefully converted an underage Christian girl, Habiba Isa, to Islam and then married her is an insult to Muslims and a deliberate attempt to pollute the peaceful atmosphere that the community enjoys in the state. JIBWIS has all the evidence that Habiba (Isa) is an adult and was neither forced to become Muslim nor to marry Lawal.

“The emir as a father to all Muslims in the emirate only endorsed the marriage of Habiba to a young man she chose for herself, and that is one of the functions of Muslim leaders in Islam. It will therefore be a mistake for Christian leaders in the state to connive with outside forces in trading false allegations against such leaders.”

JIBWIS, citing some documents, maintained that Isa was born on July 20, 1999, as against the purported date of May 15, 2001, being given as her date of birth.

“In Islam, it is an act of infidelity to force one to a religion. The constitution of the country is, however, in support of any Nigerian who decides to adopt a faith on his or her own wish,” the religious group added.

7 Comments on Emir only endorsed 14-year-old girl’s marriage to subject – JIBWIS

  1. This is one thing to show, almagamation of north and south, was the worse thing that has ever happen to the south, we are absolutely diff frome this north, …………………… And one day it will happen


  2. Who is even sure if it is true that it was not the Emir himself that was involved directly with the girl, they may just be playing face saving game by saying it was one of the Emir’s subjects, do these people fear God? God dey o.


  3. So are they saying the parent doesn’t know when they had thier daughter again. They gave 2001 as the date of her birth. The emir or whatsoever useless association said it’s 1999. What’s the meaning of this rubbish. Why are they so intrested in sex well it’s not a story. Shey thier prophet married aisha @ 6yrs and he was 50yrs and he penetrative aisha @9yrs while he was 53yrs. They are following the footstep of thier god muhammad who likes to defile little children. But I tell you, all of you him at the paradise he promised you where is he suffering in hell paradise. Shit false prophet with false religion. Islam is a virus that needs to be killed with Vaccine of Blood of Jesus. Emir accept Jesus today and He will deliver you from paedophile spirit. Rubbish


    • Abubakar Muhammad Bello // October 20, 2016 at 11:31 pm // Reply

      Am kinda shocked to come across ur comment about Islam. And most shockingly was U abusing our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). There is no religion in dis World that allow its followers to abuse other people’s religion, talkless of abusing a Prophet of Allah (God). A gud advice I’ll give u is for u to learn to control ur Anger in public. Freedom of speech isn’t use like this, so becareful whenever u speak in public. And finally, if u don’t know about other people’s religion, stop sending abusive words towards that religion. Thanks.


  4. This Muslim body are so shameless to be saying all these in the public. Why should marriage generate controversy? Are you saying Islam allows one to marry a woman without the parental content or blessing? This is actually a shameful thing to be talking above. Even if the girl is 17years old as claimed, must you marry her in a controversial way or manner.
    The parent of the girl kept insisting that their daughter was not given out in marriage yet you are looking for all manner of excuses to cover up. This is maximum abuse under Buhari administration.


  5. It’s a shame. You people should cover your face in shame. A child that should be encouraged to go to college like her peers, you are busy sleeping with her in the name of underaged marriage dwarfting her success in life. Subjecting her to your total control and dominance. This amalgamation is a big sin by England.


  6. Dear northerners’ and Islamic brothers. My point on this girl-marriage is to advice ALL to respect the institution of marriage and endeavor to follow the necessary tradition of the girl/lady’s in question. I want to be updated on the right of anybody to forcefully take another man’s daughter in marriage without his endorsement. In Christendom, even a parental consent letter is demanded from the would be bride. Also, a 14 years old is such a minor that she cannot even change her religion without the parent’s knowledge and consent.
    The Emirate has not done well in justifying supporting a man putting a 14 years old in family way and forcing her into marriage. This girl at best would be in JSS 3, what a shame. The Commissioner of Police saying his hands are tied, by who.
    I will advice the emirate, the supposed religious leader, as a matter of urgency: 1. Meet with the girls parent for proper processes and procedures according to their own tradition and belief. 2. Review any existing girl child marriage policy/law traditionally or under any religious guise.
    God help all our leaders and God help our nation


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