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I know my brother’s killer – Dele Giwa’s sibling cries out

Tunde, a younger brother of the slain founding Editor of Newswatch Magazine, Dele Giwa, says the family’s pain has yet to be assuaged 30 years after Giwa’s murder because the killer has not been brought to justice.


He said the family continued to live in pain seeing that Giwa’s killer, “who everyone knows” was still around and walking freely.

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Tunde, who made a passionate appeal to journalists in the country not to allow the case to be forgotten, said just like every other Nigerian, he knew Giwa’s killer and could mention his name.

Tunde spoke on behalf of the Giwa family on Wednesday at a colloquium organised by the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Lagos State Council to mark the 30th anniversary of Dele Giwa’s death.

Also present on the occasion, which held at the Multipurpose Hall, Radio Lagos/Eko FM, Ikeja, were Giwa’s widow, Funmi, and his daughter, Aisha, who was said to be only a few months old at the time Giwa was killed.

Tunde, who described his slain elder brother as the breadwinner of the family, said the family had not remained the same since he was murdered.

He called on journalists in the country to help the family get justice.

Tunde said, “You people should help us to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of Dele Giwa. Everybody knows the person that killed him. He’s there walking freely around. I can mention his name if you want.

“Please, help us…The day I see the killer arraigned in court, I will be the happiest person on earth.”

In his welcome address, the Chairman of the NUJ, Lagos State Council, Mr. Deji Elumoye, said it was sad and regrettable that 30 years after Giwa was killed by a letter bomb, no arrest had been made and no one had been prosecuted.

He said it was sad that journalists had become the most conspicuous butt of inhuman treatment not only in Nigeria but on the entire African continent.

He demanded, on behalf of the NUJ, that the Federal Government should order the Inspector-General of Police to reopen investigation into Giwa’s assassination.

“It is a matter of worry that journalists could become subjects of attacks in the course of carrying out their duty as members of the Fourth Estate of the Realm.

“Not quite long ago, a photo journalist, Mr. Benedict Uwalaka, and the Executive Director and Chairman, Badagry Prime, were killed with the complicity of security agents.”

5 Comments on I know my brother’s killer – Dele Giwa’s sibling cries out

  1. Sound funny,so u still expect the killer of 30 years ago to show in court,despart all what is happening in Nig now!


  2. Nigeria is a country ruled by Criminals and rouges .Group of people who can kill,loots,maimed and destroy.They hand over governance to their families,children and friends that have mastered criminality.While we the poor continue to hail some and yab our committees of poor people on news stand,office ,buses and on this forum.The bunch of the politicians just make jest of our supports and smile to their oversea trips and banks.


  3. If really you know the killer, why complaining that justice is not done when you refused to name your brother killer ?


  4. I really don’t get what this Tunde brother of Dele Giwa is saying. In one breath he said everybody knows who killed his brother, I don’t know who “everybody” is, in the next breath, he is appealing to journalists to unravel the mystery surrounding the killing of Dele Giwa. If you claimed you already know the killer, even to the extent of threatening to name names,where then is the mystery you want journalists to help you unravel


  5. Late Fela sang…Who kill Dele Giwa, na “Baba”; if you add “gida” na you sabi


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