Husband Beats Cheating Wife and Lover Mercilessly in Public After Bumping Into Them (Photos+Video)

A man left many in shock after he caught his wife in public with her lover and gave them the beating of their lives.



A Chinese man caused a rare spectacle after catching his wife and lover in public. The man who bumped into the duo mercilessly descended on the cheaters, kicking the man violently.

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A video also showed that the man calling his mother-in-law, complaining his wife’s behaviour to her, after catching the couple in the farmer’s market he worked at.

The video shows the woman’s lover sitting near a booth in the pool of his own blood and his arms injured. The woman’s husband rushed towards the alleged lover, kicking him again. The wife screamed and tried to stop her husband from attacking her lover.

Seeing that his wife went to protect another man, the husband firmly grabbed her by her T-shirt, leaving her back exposed in public. The wife struggled to free herself from her husband but failed to do so.

At this point, a male onlooker stepped in and tried to calm the angry husband.

However, the man remained infuriated. The husband could be heard shouting at his wife in the video: ‘I’ve never beaten you like this before.’

He then kicked off the alleged lover’s iPhone off his hand, suggesting that the he did not deserve the handset. He shouted: ‘How dare you still use an iPhone.’

Afterwards, the husband called up his wife’s mother on his mobile phone.

He shouted on the phone: ‘She told me she was at work, but she was with another man.’


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