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Miyetti Allah condemns killing of cows in Ekiti

According to reports, the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, has reacted to Governor Ayodele Fayose’s inauguration of a vigilante group, Ekiti Grazing Enforcement Marshals, EGEM, popularly called ‘Anti-malu’, stating that the move is “in furtherance of his threat to banish our members (Fulani herdsmen) from Ekiti State”.


MACBAN said Fayose unleashed the marshals “against our members whose herds of cattle had gone to a stream at Agon Bridge on Federal Polytechnic road between the time of 2:00 – 2:30 PM to quench their thirst on Friday 21st October 2016”, claiming that the vigilante group shot five cows and carted away with the meat but the herdsman was able to flee with the rest of his cattle.

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Stressing that its members are bona fide citizens of the country, the group, in a statement issued on Saturday by its spokesman, Baba Othman Ngelzarma, sought the intervention of the federal government “before this macabre incident develops into unquenchable inferno involving our members and Ekiti State government”.

MACBAN charged the Governor to issue an apology and compensate its members who lost five cows, warning that cattle breeders would not sit idly by while they are being denied their only means of livelihood.

The statement reads, “No Cattle strayed into anybody’s farmland around that area in question. As such, the actions of the Anti-malu vigilante are not ant only provoking, but capable of creating uncontrollable scenarios whose ramification may go well beyond Ekiti State.

“As far as we know , Ekiti State is not an island of its own , but a State within the federal Republic of Nigeria and while the Governor is permitted to carry out actions geared towards protecting the interest of Ekiti State, such actions should follow the rule of law.

“We deplore this act of brigandage and call on Governor Ayodele Fayose to offer an unreserved apology to MACBAN, and equally set machinery in motion with a view to compensate our members who lost five cows in this primitive adventure.

“That the brutality of the Ekiti Grazing enforcement marshals (popularly known as Anti- malu) on herdsmen is even outside the time stipulated by that law (if the law exists at all).

“The federal overnment should therefore look into the actions and activities of this committee because we cannot fold our hands while the only means of survival of our members is taken away and destroyed.

“MACBAN has instructed victims of this aggression and its members nationwide to exercise maximum restrain while we work towards resolving this unfortunate incident through mature and civilized manners.

“MACBAN further sympathized with the government of Kaduna State, Sokapu and entire Kaduna South inhabitants over the recent incident that had claimed so many lives as a result of a discord between our members and communities surrounding Godogodo environ.

“We see this act as an upsolute brutality exhibited by the perpetrators and condemnable in all its ramifications. We call on the security to do all it could to fish out and bring these criminals to book.”

10 Comments on Miyetti Allah condemns killing of cows in Ekiti

  1. Lobatan!!


  2. This matter is getting complicated


  3. Ekiti state should thread softly on this to aviod impending disaster. Okun kii ho ruru, ki a wo ruru.


  4. It is always convenient and good when their members destroy farmland kill the farmers and rape their wives and children but now they know it is wrong and very bad to destroy their means of livelihood, wicked people, the evil & wickedness that the Hausa Fulani race inherited from their forefathers might completely destroy Nigeria unless their Chairman/our President act quickly, Ekiti people won’t chicken out for their threat afterall you are on Ekiti land


  5. waters jones // October 23, 2016 at 9:33 am // Reply

    Don’t threaten anybody, uncle Ayo is the number one citizen of that state. if you feels his actions are hard, your contribution n advice is welcome.


  6. if the conditions and laws are too hard for your people n biz, plz plz go away that is the standard. chey baba no dey do the same.. chey b u no how many yoruba’s n igbo’s were do leave ur site. no wahala all na 1 naija


  7. As much as I am not a proponent of Ekiti State Government, I am on his side on this matter. The man has put law against grazing in his state, the least MACBAN can do is to respect the law of that state. In a bid to forestall order in his state and protect interest of its indigenes and residence, this law was put in place.
    Ekiti is not the only place they can graze, go to other states where there is no law against grazing.



  8. Can some one show a good reason why cattle cannot be ranched in Nigeria. This unabashed self interest exhibited by the rearers beats every imagination by the presumption that it is Ok for a herd of cattle to devastate a farm and leave the estate wrecked and the owner should not complain? There have been several warnings but the rearers have resorted to punitive belligerence, driving their victims to the wall. This cannot be constitutional. Life stock farmers should do well and establish their ranches; that would be the constitutional approach. First they were intruders from neighbouring countries, now they are from Nigeria. What is the difference if they have the same negative attitude? I am not Ayo’s best friend but within the bounds of good reasoning, I cannot fault him on this issue. Cattle rearers and their sponsors must be called to order before this degenerates into another civil war. Donot forget the predictions about the fragmentation of the country by 2015. The season is here but not gone and there are handwritings on the wall. Nigerians must develop the deserning ability to keenly observe every action, reactions and utterances, regardless of the source, to detect culpable pointers and take necessary action to neutralise any negative trend. Thank you.


  9. If MACBAN think Fayose has breached the constitution of Nigeria by legislating against destruction of economic crops by economic animals let them first obey the law and challenge it’s legality in the court of law. That’s how things a done in civilized societies. Issuing threats instead of proferring solutions is primitive and arrogant, the very condition that pushed Fayose to the wall and compelled him to initiate the said law, which is now being breached and enforced.


  10. Dirty Vampires.What about the lives of people that you kill time after time in the middle belt especially Benue state and some part of the south east most recently?.
    Is MALU now worth more than human life?.
    Peace loving Christians and moderate muslims of nigeria,please where are you guys?.
    Arise now and annihilate these evil merchants from our land.
    Enough is enough.Ah,ah.What is it?.
    God bless Nija.


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