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Why Buhari should reshuffle his cabinet – Rep explains

According to reports, the Deputy Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Capital Market and Institutions, Mr. Nwulu Tony-Chinedu, on Sunday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to “seriously” consider a cabinet reshuffle.


The lawmaker, who represents Oshodi-Isolo II Federal Constituency of Lagos State, said Buhari must inject new blood into his cabinet because the country was facing critical times and needed the best hands to rescue it.

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He noted that while Buhari might mean well for Nigeria, his desire to bring positive change could remain a mirage if he didn’t have capable hands to assist him.

Tony-Chinedu, who spoke in Abuja, explained, “When I look at the composition of the cabinet at the moment, I believe that the President can do better, not because his wife has said what she said, that is her own personal opinion.

“I don’t share in whatsoever she is saying; mine is that I believe the President can do better. You see, we have gotten to that point where there are critical sectors that require critical attention and you need seasoned professionals to be placed in those positions.

“Whether the President knows them or not is immaterial. Enough of trying to patronise your party. It is not about political patronage at the moment; we are talking about saving the country from the precipice and the only thing that can happen is bring the right persons on board.”

Citing an instance with the Ministry of Finance, the lawmaker suggested that Buhari could have appointed a professional with the pedigree of a former Minister, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, to head the ministry.

“It has nothing to do with whether she worked with the Peoples Democratic Party’s regime or not, but it has gotten to the point where the President needs to appoint accurate thinkers.

“You have Prof. Pat Utomi; you have Nigerians who are capable of doing the job that are well-trained and have the right attitude and character,” he added.

Tony-Chinedu further observed that while Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade had good intentions, he didn’t believe that those around the President were backing him.

He said, “My problem with the President is those around him. So, even when the President is fighting corruption, he also has to look inwards to know if the people around him are corrupt.

“As for the President, every other Nigerian will stand up and tell you that the President is not corrupt. Where it becomes a lot more difficult is when the number one person is not corrupt, but around him there are still some corrupt elements.”

Tony-Chinedu criticised the three arms of government, saying that they were all corrupt.

According to him, there are corrupt lawmakers, much as there are corrupt judges and top members of the executive arm of government.

3 Comments on Why Buhari should reshuffle his cabinet – Rep explains

  1. If there should be a cabinet reshuffle, those that were in the past administrations which saw our economy nose-dive should not be brought in again. Those who might not have taken part in the corruption of the past but chose to look the other way, and not blow a whistle and alert the nation, when they saw others helping themselves to our commonwealth have done a great disservice to the nation.


  2. Very good


  3. Buhari need to do that


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