I don’t care if Obaseki betrays me, says Oshiomhole

Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole has said he will not interfere with the running of the state by the Governor-elect, Godwin Obaseki.


Oshiomhole, who spoke with State House correspondents in Abuja monday, was responding to questions on if he was not worried that he might fall out with Obaseki in future as had been the case in some states, where former governors are at loggerheads with the successors.

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The governor said he was not the type that would breath down the neck of his successor or worry over being betrayed by Obaseki, when he leaves office next month.

Obaseki won the September governorship election in the state.

Oshiomhole, however, said he was at the President Villa to invite President Muhammadu Buhari to come for a state visit to inaugurate some impacting projects his administration had put in place, including a state-of-the-art hospital.

He said the governor-elect’s allegiance should be to the people of the state and not him.

“That is very important if you say he will disappoint me, I am not the state; I am only one out of about four million Edo people. So his obligation and his loyalty should be to the people of Edo State. The oath of office he is going to subscribe to, says that he will defend the constitution of Nigeria, he will do everything to uplift the quality of life of Edo people. Nothing in his oath of office will include ‘I shall not betray my predecessor’ because I have no interest to be betrayed.’

“For me, I have presided over Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) for eight years and I had a successor, there was no story of me having conflict with my predecessor. Because conflict only arises when you refuse to accept that when your tenure is over, it is over, he stated”

Oshiomhole who will be leaving office on November 12, said he has no regrets campaigning vigorously for Obaseki, adding that he acquired the skills right from his labour days fighting the oppressors.

He said: “As for the campaign, and this is the problem, the media picks the negatives from the mouth of those who are the least competent. That I campaigned for him, I was this I was that. That is the way it should be. Look at what is going on in the United States, is Barack Obama not vigorously campaigning for Clinton? Is Obama’s wife, the First Lady of US, not as vigorous perhaps much more than Bill Clinton? But these are skills I acquire from short floor which they will never acquire. I am a product of struggle as a result of my many years of being exploited fighting the oppressors, I deployed those skills and I defeated them. At a point, they said I should allow the man to talk, did the electorate complain?”

Asked what he will want to be remembered for, Oshiomhole said: “I want to be remembered as a factory worker who worked and laboured as a daily paid worker in the most subordinates post in textile mill rising to become leader of the textile union and eventually spending eight years as NLC president, then going back home to confront the most feared and vicious godfathers that monopolised Edo State. I fought godfathers, which is essential to make way for liberal democracy.”

On allegations that he rigged the elections, he said: “Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lost because it could not convince the people of its legacy while in power. We did not rig the poll, else we would not have allowed our party chairman to lose his unit.”

Oshiomhole said he had no regrets in his eight years on the saddle, adding that being in his 60s, it was time to take a break and be a caring husband and father to his children.



  1. Oshiomole is scared of his own shadow or something perhaps the alleged rigging of the last poll.There is no smoke without fire. Trust maverick politicians at your own peril.

  2. Osho baba, that is the hallmark of a good leader, do your best when given the opportunity and give way for others to contribute their quota to the development efforts. I believe u bcos u are not a typical Nigeria “professional” politician.

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