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See Man Left with Swollen Lips After Giving a Girl Oral S*x (Photos)

A man is nursing serious swollen lips and landed at the hospital after giving a girl oral s*x.

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A young man has allegedly been admitted at a hospital after he gave a woman oral s*x and was left with painful swollen lips. Doctors rallied round and relieved him of the pains after giving him drugs.

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According to reports, the man after the s*x act had retired home only to wake up the next morning with swollen lips.

Here is how Icandice Promotions posted the news and wrote: “My cousin ate some girl in the plaza p**y and woke up like this. He said the doctor said who ever he gave ‘MouthAction’ too has a very severe sexually transmitted disease that hasn’t been treated in years. My cousin’s throat is also swollen. My cousin says when he gets better he is going to expose her because he could have died. Fellas be careful out there.”

6 Comments on See Man Left with Swollen Lips After Giving a Girl Oral S*x (Photos)

  1. Chisos! e dey lick the unlickable


  2. Good for him


  3. Very funny


  4. Nawaa.


  5. may be the man put juju for the woman body God save the guy if na normal Sx the man we could have develop swollen john thomas


  6. Anytime man descends from the status of dignity his maker bestows upon, he will even eat grass, gutter, dust bin etc and foolishly call it “sweet & tasty”!?


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