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How we moved N1.2Billion in Ghana-must-go bags for Fayose’s ally — Witness

A star witness of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mr. Alade Oluseye Sunday, Thursday, narrated before the Federal High Court in Abuja, how he helped an ally to Governor Ayodele Fayose, Mr. Abiodun Agbele, to move about N1.2billion, prior to the 2015 general election.


Sunday, who is the Branch head of Zenith Bank in Akure, said the fund which was moved in two tranches, was stuffed inside Ghana-must-go bags‎. The witness said he was among the team that evacuated the money to the bank with a bullion van after it was flown to the Akure airport in a medium sized aircraft by Senator Musliu Obanikoro.

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He said: “The driver that drove the bullion van on that cash pick-up engagement was Olaolu Omotosho.

I do not know the registration number of the aircraft but the colour is metallic grey.

“I was able to recognise Senator Musliu Obanikoro since the appearance resemble his picture that I used to see on the television or newspaper, but I cannot recognise the third person that came out of the aircraft with him.

“The cash was packed inside several sacks popularly referred to as Ghana-must-go sack.

The aircraft that brought the second tranche of the cash was of a smaller size when compared with the aircraft that brought the first tranche.

The sacks were many and as such I cannot remember the number”. The bank official, who is the first prosecution witness, PW-1, was led in evidence by EFCC lawyer, Mr. Wahab Shittu.

5 Comments on How we moved N1.2Billion in Ghana-must-go bags for Fayose’s ally — Witness

  1. To Fayose, all this is APC propaganda, persecution because of his opposition to PMB, believe me that is his line of argument, but which judge is going to accept that with all evidence assembled against him? Maybe all the beneficiaries who took little rice and chicken will help him in his case. I pray for the day we will see all robbers of our money sent to jail for a long time, Ibori is a good example.


  2. Fayose was realy broke prior to 2014 gubernatorial election in ekiti as alleged by Dr. Aluko, but the weakness of Jonathan turned Fayose to one of the richest governor in nigeria within 6months to his second coming. Buying almost 5duplexes in a street in lagos from the proceeds of fraud in this time of famine is a crime against humanity


  3. The game is up .Fayose where is our money? God will judge all of you who lead our dear Country to this position. Where many people can no longer have 2 daily meal


  4. Well Almighty God will expose them people that ruin this our great country, not Fasoye alone they know themselves both men and women they will reap what they sow, millions of people are suffering no work, they enrich themselves over night.


  5. Because they were told that stealing is not corruption.


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