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True Confession: Please Help! I always ‘come’ each time my newborn baby sucks my nipple

Good morning editor. Please kindly accommodate this little piece in your widely-read platform.


I have been battling this problem for long now and I think it is high time I shared it.

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Before now, I have this weakness that whenever a guy touches my breast, I loose control.

My nipple has been my greatest weak point that many guys took advantage of it whenever we were together.

I took in for my boyfriend, who had since denied the pregnancy and fled.

Thereafter, I gave birth to a baby boy not quiet long and each time I breast feed him, I reach orgasm, because it tickles me.

I don’t even know if it is a spiritual problem or I need any medical attention, because I can see myself reaching multiple orgasms each time my baby sucks my breast.

Please help me out.

4 Comments on True Confession: Please Help! I always ‘come’ each time my newborn baby sucks my nipple

  1. It is a spiritual problem. So seek for deliverance.


  2. It may not be a spiritual problem anyway. Every woman has their turn-on spot or region. She should just take off her mind from it….


  3. Truth be told. // October 27, 2016 at 5:40 pm // Reply

    First of all,i appreciate your boldness, because some other women might be facing the same problem without speaking out or asking why.. personally, I don’t think it is spiritual, that is your weak point and it remains so because you allow it,just get your mind off it so as not to affect your babies breast feeding .but also, knowing Christ will help you tackle all forms of unwanted habits or issues,the old shall pass away as all things become new when you become born again.


  4. Be in Christ don’t mess up yourself any how with a man and put off your mind away from it you will be delivered. That is your own gift from God many ladies have similar problem even the old ladies


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