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‘Dasuki dashed me N50 million’ – Abati tells EFCC

Mr. Reuben Abati, the former Special Adviser to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on Media, has been granted bail by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).


Reports also indicated that he explained that Dasuki `dashed’ him N50 million. According to APA reports, the bail conditions require that Abati should drop his international passport with the EFCC and produce a surety, who should not be below a deputy director on Level 16 in the civil service of the country.

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Abati was arrested last Monday on allegations that he received N100 million from the former National Security Adviser, rtd Col. Sambo Dasuki. The former presidential spokesman was the chairman of the editorial board of the Guardian newspaper before his appointment.

Dasuki has been held for the misappropriation of the $2.1 billion meant for the purchase of arms for the prosecution of the war against Boko Haram. Many people have been arrested in connection with the sharing of the money with some offering to refund part or all they got.

13 Comments on ‘Dasuki dashed me N50 million’ – Abati tells EFCC

  1. Thieves keep lavishing our money


  2. Reason for d country recession is not far fetched. Very few vagabonds milk d economy dry. ‘Dasuki dashed him N50m’. Irresponsibility of a high order. Blood money.


  3. See the way they keep dashing themselves the financial resources that belong to many poor people.

    It was because they perceived that the head of the house (Jonathan) was too weak and careless.


  4. victor ogunmoyin // October 29, 2016 at 1:08 pm // Reply

    U can just imagine , 50m naira dash of our money. All these people and GEJ himself must be taken to psychatric hospital for examination, am not sure d heads of these people are ok. Time has come to hav capital punishment for looters.


  5. There are to many dashes and gifts in GEJ regime oo.. I learnt they dash Mama Dame Patience $21m, CAN president Ayo also received private Jet gift as birthday presence. Now another 50m dash. Dashing billion in wardrobe allowance etc
    OMG … But they dash the masses unemployment, recession and Boko Haram in return.


  6. Toyin Kolawole // October 29, 2016 at 2:52 pm // Reply

    This news baffles me a lot. How are the mighty fallen? We should not tell it in Gath. Neither should we publish it in the street of Ashkelon. Dr. Reuben Abati making a confession that Dasuki dashed him 50 million Naira? The man who in his time could breath fire and brimstone through his cutting edge analyses on the Nigerian kleptomaniac politicians, leaders and rulers? I wonder whether or not Reuben Abati asked Dasuki why he needed to be ‘dashed’ money when he would normally receive his salary and other emoluments. I wonder whether or not he asked the ‘blesser’ where he got the money from. And I wonder what the then Patito’s Gang would be thinking now. Does the gang still exist? I’m sure Prof Pat Utomi is a sad man now.


  7. Chief E de arc Amosu // October 29, 2016 at 3:16 pm // Reply

    What is the. Motive behind the Greek gift of 50 million naira from Dasuki to you Abati? Is it for the burial of your fathe r who die d and. We as. Burie d few years ago? You contributed to the recession and large scale fraud in the Country. You a disgrace to the pen Profession and I a m ashamed you are an Egb a son.


  8. Where did he say he got the money from before he could dash him 50m naira? His father’s money? They are all rogues.


  9. Dash moneyyyyy na wa o


  10. And they did not dash me o!! Sins of the saints. Chai!! Reuben Abati yaf join badt gang God yaf catch you now. How dare u collect wooping 50M inshort let me write it in full. 50MILLION NAIRA as dash? Is it his papa’s or mama’s money? Did you even bother to ask him how he got the money? Ndi ojo God will expose all of u.


  11. Thanks Toyin Kolawole, you make me remember Dr. Abati of Guardian Newspaper. A man of high integrity THEN, A Mentor to me Then, NOW a Useless Politicians, because he choose to sold himself and worship money, instead money to worship him.

    I am DISAPPOINTED !!! Do We Still have Good Integrity Politicians in Nigeria ???? They are ALL THIEVES


  12. kunle obembe // October 30, 2016 at 5:23 am // Reply

    Amazing. Wonders will never end in Nigeria. Nigeria will never ever develop the way it has been run. Just dash public money away like dat? Not 1000, not 2000, but 50m without adding any value or providing any services. Na so the money plenty?


  13. No wonder what did you do for Dasuki that make him dashed you N50 million .Nigerian tax payer’s money,God will judge you all,why are you crying?what are you crying for?.Gbogbo eyin te ba Nigeria je eko ni ku sibi ti aso yin wa amin.


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