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FG should declare tithes and offerings illegal in church – Comedian, Gordons

Self-acclaimed comedy beliscony, Godwin Komone, famously known as Gordons, has called on the federal government to declare tithes and offerings illegal in churches.


According to him, with that, Nigerians will know clerics who were truly called by God.

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The comic merchant gave this advise in his latest comedy collection entitled ‘Comedy Clinic.’

The Delta-State comedian believes that the many problems currently facing Nigeria today boils down to religion.

“The only solution to our problems in Nigeria today is religion.

I will be the happiest person in the world if the federal government place a ban on giving of tithes and offerings from churches.

“I tell, we will continue to lament as long as these people keep collecting the little one we have in the name of offering.

“By the time tithes and offerings is declared illegal, then we will know those who were called by God and those who called themselves in the ministry.

5 Comments on FG should declare tithes and offerings illegal in church – Comedian, Gordons

  1. Lol…


  2. At its best, this is comedy indeed!! So stupid to call on government to control religion.

    Give unto Caeser what is Caeser’s, and unto God, what is God’s.

    Caeser had better be careful not to touch or take what belong to God.

    But to be frank, this tells you the Church in Nigeria need to wake up from backsliding. When pastors invite comedians, instead of the Holy Spirit to the pulpit to cheer up the congregation, this is what comes out of it.


  3. Man of conscience // October 29, 2016 at 6:04 pm // Reply

    Religion is a very sensitive issue that no one should joke with it not even the so called comedians.Comedy should be like music that needs inspiration to write and compose songs;and when there’s no inspiration,the musician keeps quiet as if he/she is no more in existence.Comedians shouldn’t in the quest of what to entertain with, begin to delve into areas they know nothing about.Things of God are strictly things of God.Never commit sacriledge or plasphemy in order to be comic or funny.That’s why Matthew 7:6 says “do not give what is holy to the dogs”.In other words, never say anything to anybody when either of you lacks spiritual capacity to understand it.Talking about tithes and offerings : It’s a biblical injuction to give tithes and offerings.See Malachi 3:8 which says “shall a man rob God ?…in tithes and offerings”.So every true man of God is entitled to receive tithes and offerings.For he who works at the alter must eat from the alter.Thank you @ Mr Watchman has said it all ” …give unto Caeser what is Caeser’s….”Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek,Genesis 14:18-20;Hebrews7 : 1-17.By implication,Abraham was like the government of the day in Isreal while Melchizedek was the king as well as the priest.While Abraham minds the political affairs,Melchizedek conducts the spiritual affairs which among other things included intervening and mediating between his people and God.So, it will not be out of place if the government begins to pay tithes to the true men and women of God because they always stand in the gap.And the resultant blessings will be so much for Nigeria. Cordons is joking and must be disregarded.


  4. @Man of conscience,
    Gordon’s position is correct as far as the Bible you quoted without going into the full details of what is written in Hebrews. At Hebrews 8:1-13. Here the need for the tenth are all requirements under the mosaic covenant that have been rendered obsolete and not required including the tithe for which Churches are formed to exploit unsuspecting and gullible people who are also greedy. Hebrew 9:9-15. Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, not that of Moses. Hence, neither Jesus Christ non his Disciplines collected Tithes and Offering, but voluntary gifts from believers. Can any of the so called Christian Church leaders show us a place in the Bible that says Jesus or His immediate Disciplines led by Peter Collected tithes and offering? Unfortunately, they have NOW added Seed Showing which is NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE, and only found in our Traditional Religions in Africa. First a fowl, and when the request is granted a Goat of Ram. Hebrews 10:1-24. It is clearly stated, sacrifices and offering are longer wanted by God, says Jesus Christ. What is required of Christians, not Money Lovers and Greedy People who falls to 419 Pastors is stated at HEBREWS 13:10-16.
    Some will wonder what the Pastors shall eat. Yes, voluntary gifts and giving according to what Jesus proscribed in Mathew 6:1-4 will certainly provide the basic necessities. Hebrew 13:5 states, Let you way of life be free of the love of money, while you be content with the present things. That God will not abandon any of his worshipers. They are teaching what is no long the rule in the Bible. If the Mosaic Covenant is still in place, why do these churches observe the Sabbath; the Washing of Hands to the Elbow as required before eating. Why not eye for eye?
    So, where is their Covenant to Go to Heaven promised by Jesus? Is it based on the Mosaic Law? Blind Guides!


  5. Mr. Man of Conscience, you are very wrong that Abraham was the Government. He was living as an Alien in Caanan. Israel was yet founded. Abraham has not even given birth to Isaac at the time of this incident. In fact, Jacob is renamed Israel by God, the Son of Isaac who born the 12 Boys. Abraham never was in Politics. He used his trained men to rescue Lot and his family captured by Kings. Even the King of his Territory offer him a share of the things he recovered on behalf of his people, but Abraham refused. Please check the Bible account in Genesis Properly before you mislead the world for the sake of Tithe collections. It was the properties of those whom Abraham conquered, he gave a tenth to the King of Salem, who was a Priest as well as a King. There was no one like him.


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