Hilarious! Woman Publicly Got Her Big Bum Stuck Inside a Supermarket Freezer (Video)

A woman has been caught on camera after getting her bum stuck inside a freezer and desperately crying out for help.


A video has shown the really hilarious moment a woman got her bum stuck inside a freezer. The incident reportedly occurred inside a supermarket.

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The video shows the woman screaming in panic “I’m stuck” before telling her friends “I’m gonna die in a freezer”.

It is not known where the supermarket is or how she got in there, but presumably it started as a joke which then became slightly terrifying for the woman involved.

She has slipped down between the shelved items and sits with her huge bottom in the ‘reach-in’ section.

Her legs are sticking out in front of her, with her thighs pressed against her chest, as she is stuck awkwardly in the freezer.

As she panics and yells at her friends about how she doesn’t want to be “the fat girl that dies in a freezer” as they try and pull her out.

Her friends try not to laugh as they attempt to free her, with one putting their hand over her mouth to stop her hysterical shouts.

Unfortunately the video cuts out before she is rescued, so it is unknown how this woman’s adventure ends, but one person who commented on the footage posted on YouTube said: “Legend says she’s stuck to this day.”


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