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Former president of El Salvador arrested for corruption

A former President of El Salvador, Elias Antonio Saca, has been arrested after corruption charges were made against him, his lawyer confirmed on Sunday.


The former president and two former employees were taken into custody, his lawyer, Silvia Bonilla, said in the capital, San Salvador.

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Saca, who was president of the Central American country from 2004 to 09, faces prosecution for money laundering and establishing a criminal association, among other charges, according to a police statement.

The chairman of the ethics commission of the highest court made serious accusations against Saca in a television interview last week.

Sidney Blanco said the 59-year-old was responsible for the misappropriation of state money during his time in office.

Saca is a member of the conservative Nationalist Republican Alliance party, the opposition party which is known by its Spanish-language acronym ARENA.

Six other people, including Saca’s close associates Cesar Funes and Julio Rank, were arrested in the case, according to Salvadoran police.

3 Comments on Former president of El Salvador arrested for corruption

  1. Good for him


  2. Who says Uncle Jona can’t be arrested if found to be in the same shoe with Former President of EL Salvado.


  3. Jonathan therefore should not be immune from prosecution if found to have enriched himself. Like madam patience!!! 1$15,000,000 gift!!!!!


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