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My Brother, Barack is a big disappointment, vote for Trump – Malik Obama

Malik Obama, Step brother of US President, Barack Obama over the weekend lashed out at his brother and Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton.


In a series of rant posted by New York Post, Malik said, ”I am back in the US and will be voting for Mr. Trump early next week in Maryland. My [half] brother Barack Obama is a big disappointment.

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”Why did he not come home to Kogelo [the family village] on his visit to Kenya last year? Why did he not provide for the family when they came to see him in Nairobi? (They experienced extreme hardship and left immediately after the dinner).

”Why did he not support Auntie Zeituni [President Obama’s late half aunt, who lived for a decade as an illegal immigrant] in America? He claims to be advocate for illegal immigrants. Why did no member of the family in Kenya attend the 2016 Democratic Convention?

”Why does he not have Auma Obama [the President’s half-sister who runs a charity in Kenya] be Director of the Board of The Barack Obama Foundation in Chicago that’s set up for his presidential library if he loves her so much? Why not Mama Sarah Obama his grandmother if he loves her so much? Maya, his sister, is on the board of directors.

”Why did he not support and write a forward for my book about his father Barack Obama Sr.? Why does he not support my foundation set up in the name of his father Barack Obama Sr.?

”My two children died; it was nothing to him. No condolences, nothing! Why should I support him in politics, and he didn’t support me in politics?

”Hillary Clinton is a liar and totally corrupt. What is her Clinton Foundation doing for Kenya if she loves Obama so much? Mr. Trump is a successful businessman. He will make America great again. He is not heartless.

”I will not be humiliated anymore by anybody. The press is corrupt and rigged.

12 Comments on My Brother, Barack is a big disappointment, vote for Trump – Malik Obama

  1. Is your franchise. Follow your conscience. So you wanted Barack Obama to have white house being moved to his village in Kenya or better still migrate all Kenyans to America before you will happy for him.


  2. Some family members. Always acting funny.


  3. Judas Iscariot! Bad belly! Traitor! America is different from Africa! Shame!


  4. Total lack of maturity.


  5. Sibling rivalry! Obakan Esu


  6. The criticism lacks substance. Is Kenya the only country in Africa? Obama is different from Clinton. Let Malik know that Obama is not the president of Kenya but of the United States of America. This is one of the reasons why there is little development in Africa. Every leader wants to satisfy his immediate family and ethnic group first before the nation. His assessment of the situation is selfish. His not voting for Clinton does not affect the result of the elections a hoot. He is merely venting his anger on perceived enemies. Sorry!


  7. True African blood. Black bad belle!


  8. What a stupid man. Your one vote will not make a difference. Your stupid reasoning for handout makes no sense at all. Grow up and be a man, Malik.


  9. Please do not talk like that and stop calling the man names. I personally campaigned for Obama in 2008 while in the city of Atlanta. My reason was for the black man to rule America though more importantly, to help Africa push the old coronial European powers that has hijacked Africa for more than 800 years out of Africa or at least encourage few African nations who knows what they want. But instead Obama not only distanced himself completely but becomes worse than all the white American presidents in history of relationship with African nations. Only showing us how lovely he’s with his wife. All of you will be shocked the way Hilary will be defeated. The world is in search of new world order and its only the republicans under Trump can achieve it. Hilary is wasting her time. People are always afraid of the truth Trump said Africans need recolonisation for another 100 years we Africans started condemning him but look at how people are dying in millions struggling to enter Europe and America but during colony there was nothing like that instead those who traveled came back and became useful. Trump please win


  10. kunle obembe // November 1, 2016 at 3:32 am // Reply

    Obama is a politician not a leader.


  11. Sorry Malik the whole world can see through you, having made yourself so much more insignificant by buying into Opportunism and its entourage – venality, jobbers, corruption and unabashed self interest – your are even worse than the shameless African politicians. Nothing can put you where you want to be so remain the permanent loser.


  12. African mentality on display.


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