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See What a Lady Wore to Church That Got People Talking (Photos)

A woman has got people talking after wearing a kind of dress that was considered provocative by other church goers.





The woman identified as Olufunke Philips, shared an experience she had when she attended a church service recently.

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The woman shared her story on her Facebook detailing how much trouble she got into by dressing ‘inapropriately’ to a church event.

According to her, she got eyes rolling as she went to church in a cleavage-revealing outfit, a jean trouser and an exposed hair.

However, the woman who is apparently not bothered about what anyone thinks, has vowed to not stop going to church.

Read what she posted below:

She wrote: I went to one church today. No prizes for guessing which church. Ok. Maybe a small prize.

“Those people focus way too much time on their enemies fa. Die! Die!! Die!!! Haters everywhere. Enemies. Fire burn dem all. Burn dem to a crisp mehn. Jah burn dem all like a bonfire.

“If you spend three-quarters of the time for service casting and banishing your haters to the pit of hell, there is a problem.

“Apparently, I commited two offences. I didn’t cover my hair and I wore jean pants. Nobody told me to get out but the disapproving looks were not lost on me. So I winked at everyone that I caught looking at me ‘one kain’ and chuckled when they shuffled their feet uncomfortably. I even licked my lips at one woman that was frowning at me because of my jeans. Her eyes were as wide as saucers.

“I love watching people in churches. Keep inviting me folks. I love it.

“Let’s drink beer biko. We deserve it. Running after enemies upandan early in the morning sure gets you tired. Stay hydrated people. Kizziss.”

However, social media users have slammed her for trying to ‘seduce young men in the church’.

Others blasted her for exposing too much boobs in her dressing.

6 Comments on See What a Lady Wore to Church That Got People Talking (Photos)

  1. This one don miss road tay tay


  2. Who she epp


  3. Its a first step to her salvation. Jesus did not come for the already acclaimed complete and saved men. So its just a matter if time but i pray it doesn’t get too late sha.


  4. Soje Ibrahim // October 31, 2016 at 12:24 pm // Reply

    Go girl, I like you already! Being oneself is what some consider sinful!


  5. Why not look for another church that believes the way you do? Staying put in that church means you’ll get some men distracted and that’s a sin.


  6. I even wonder what is wrong with the dress? NO more news I get.


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