If Fashola were Igbo, he would have betrayed Tinubu – Orji Kalu

Orji Uzor Kalu, former governor of Abia state and billionaire businessman, says Igbos are very good in commerce, and in “anything they do” — but not in politics.


In the latest edition of The Interview, Kalu said a number of the elite in the region are not only selfish, but they get their political calculations wrong.

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Referring to the fractured relationship between him and Theodore Orji, his successor, Kalu said were Babatunde Fashola, former Lagos state governor an Ibo man, he could have betrayed Bola Tinubu, his predecessor.

“Igbos are their own worst enemies,” he said.

“Let me tell you, there were more problems between (Asiwaju Bola) Tinubu and (Babatunde) Fashola than there were between me and TA Orji, but it is the discipline of the Yorubas that kept them at bay.

“Igbos have no discipline in terms of politics. They are very good traders; they’re good in anything they do, but they don’t understand politics.”

According to Azu Ishiekwene, managing director of The Interview, Kalu illustrated his point with a conversation he claimed to have had with President Muhammadu Buhari, who wondered aloud why previous high-profile Igbo appointees had done nothing for the region.

Kalu also spoke on the Biafra agitation and the travails of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, and allegations that while he governed Abia for eight years, his mother ruled.



  1. There is no hardline consensus on this generalized stereotype.I think Fashola is just a reliable technocrat who places premium on service delivery above pedestrian politics.You cannot also take away Ashiwaju’s knack for cerebral choice of political appointees.

  2. God bless Kanu for having the courage to speak frankly regarding the unskilled type of politics the Igbo play which has, over the years, fetched them only the second best position in Nigeria’s politics
    The counterproductive politics of going along with any party in power with which they have really miscalculated this time around
    The fat cat Igbo elite enjoy such servile politics to the hilt, since they are the only set of Igbos that benefit immensely from such arrangenent, while the large majority of the Igbo bear the brunt of constant marginalisation, reproachment, victimisation and denial of their rights
    They shunned APGD, that could had been a veritable platform to luch themselves into real reckoning in the mainstream Nigeria’s politics, in preference for PDP that have, over the years, rode on the back of Igbo votes to victory without as much as establishing any single and tangible federal presence in the south, apart from the fanthom “second Niger bridge” which turned out a mere politcal jingle
    Talking of betrayal, how on earth could the DSS had known the exact hotel where Nnamdi Kanu lodged without information from those close to him ?
    This is food for thought
    A wake up call

  3. @Sunny, I completely agree with u, in terms of politics, we are no where, we don’t seem to get our acts together politically. Maybe it’s the fault of our earliest political fathers who had a more national outlook without first developing a strong regional base. We are always miscalculating!

  4. It is the typical greed in the trader without care for the buyers of the goods they sell is at play in everything they do. Secondly, wise in their own eye. Any illiterate Igbo man will tell another who is far educated in a field, that he knows better. His assertions are definitive and not “I think”. And in any argument in the presence of another Ndigbo, his brother is hardly wrong, just like the Hausa. But one can see some difference if you experience the real Enugu man.
    As far as I know, most Ibo men and women are very industrious, persistent, determined and patient people in their drive to achieve goals they set for themselves. In business they are better partners when there is trouble from third parties. They will never run or betray their partner. But to share proceeds equally, there might be issues. He must have the lion share or you are equally strong and willing to go the mile with him/her. Hence, in Politics, the winner takes all, and those who get to Aso Rock drops the Ndigbo agenda usually carried on the right hand. Before the hand shade, it is dropped to free the right hand, and after the handshake, the Ndigbo agenda that took the man to Aso Rock is forgotten. Hence Political office holders are greedy and can do anything for self aggrandizement, and so the slow development in the region.
    For the Yoruba man, for the shake and interest of O’dua, they never betray each other for an outside interest. If you do, they have an organized system to ostracize anybody without words to the hearing of others outside their system. For Instance, Alhaji Jakande, aka Baba Kekere (meaning Awolowo junior) spent 6months longer than the time the Afenefere ordered during Abacha era; and he was blacklisted and have been in limbo. Mr. Akinyemi of Ondo State, Mr. NARECOM, Chairman Nigeria Sports Association etc. during Babangida and Abacha governments. When NADECO operations were countered by him because, he was the acclaimed man of reconciliation, Yoruba nation blacklist him. Ever since, no matter what he does, no attention is given. He ran out of reckoning in Yoruba Politics. Such system do not exist in Ibo, or Southern States. Hence, Political prostitute is the order of the day, Just like those declaring to join APC here and there, because money has stopped coming through PDP. Therefore, within such organized system, Mr. Fashola will not antagonize the Political god father of the day in the open. However, should this unholy marriage between Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani do not produce the results, Tinubu will be in trouble. For the Yoruba Nation do not have people too big to discipline.
    In like manner, the Ijaw man will play the Holier than thou act, he will do little to leverage his people suffering when he gets there in the name of being fare to all. So, Jonathan and his crew were there, show me the projects in the Niger Delta that produced the Oil and dumped all along? And the money used to develop the West and the North for over 60years? He tried to get the Expressways to key Ndigbo Cities which were never in the Dictionary of Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani governments. The only express built, Port Harcourt Enugu, out of too know, Iwuayanwu used his company Andel and Eniac to build rubbish, while Yorubas and Hausa-Fulanis used Julius Berger, RCC and other internationally renowned companies to build theirs and enjoy same.
    But at his own home, the East-West Road, Bomadi- Ojobo -Ndoro Roads did not get the attention deserved and are abandoned. Who will start building these when all others in the North and West construction works stopped by PMB regime, works have started, but non at the East and South. Neither Elder Godsday Orubebe could not get a road to his own village from Bomadi which is less than 10kilometres after 8years in the Niger Delta Ministry as Minister of State and Minister. It’s shameful and pitiable.

  5. ? up For Kalu. The truth of the matter is, a situation where everybody wants to be the boss. Deceits, arrogance,oppression,betrayal,disloyalty,and entropy prevails.

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