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Leave Nigeria if you have another country – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday said any Nigeria who has another country to relocate to are free to do so.


On his part, he said he would stay back to solve the nation’s position.

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According to a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, the President spoke while addressing Niger Delta stakeholders at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

“We are determined to make life comfortable and affordable to all Nigerians. If anybody has a country to go to, let him go, we will stay here and salvage our country,” Shehu quoted the President as saying.

Buhari was said to have told the leaders of the Niger Delta that they had more to do than anyone else to bring peace to the region, given the influence they have on militant groups.

He expressed the determination of his administration to stay focused on its key campaign promises of securing the country, fighting corruption and creating jobs through the improvement of the economy.

He said peace, security, investment and prosperity are linked together, adding that “if we give peace a chance, investors will come here to invest. Nobody will invest in an insecure environment.”

Buhari said the problems his administration found on the ground were many, as illustrated in collapse of oil prices, inability of 27 of the 36 states to pay salaries, absence of savings to fall back and having to deal with an elite who didn’t seem to care.

All these, he said, made his government to conclude that, “life as usual is no longer affordable.”

In welcoming the 16-point request presented for negotiation by the Niger Delta leaders, Buhari said he was still expecting reports from officials he had instructed to review the implementation of the Amnesty programme to determine where government fell short so that amends can be made.

The President said the service chiefs were putting together their own assessment of the militancy situation, saying “when I have these reports, including this one (just presented), we will revisit the situation (in the region) to ensure that we succeed this time.”

The President who delivered his report card on the war against corruption and the efforts to secure the country repeated his call to the Niger Delta leaders to join the administration in bringing peace to the troubled region.

12 Comments on Leave Nigeria if you have another country – Buhari

  1. Is that a threat?


  2. It’s not a threat. Biafrans have a country and we must return to our country.


  3. See this one, is it not better to live a comfortable life as a second class citizen in a foreign country, than to live in poverty, fear, corruption and injustice as first class citizen in my own country….can you imagine I am 35 years old,and I never start to dey enjoy,,,, and they said life expectancy of an average male Nigerian is 55,,,,, so when I go come begin enjoyment?


  4. Na una spoil the country,,,,,so make una dey repair am


  5. Some people appear to be too lazy or quick to write their views on any topic without reading the entire article. Captions can be misleading!


  6. I thank God i ran away to South Africa, if i see nigeria in my dream, i will get up and reject it immediately, na bad dream. Abeg make una stay in Nigeria repair ham ooo, lol.


  7. Lol@ Tosin


  8. Yomi Arogundade // November 2, 2016 at 1:17 pm // Reply

    @Jack daniel I agree. If you read the entire piece, you will likely not write so much negative review and really understand what the government inherited. It’s very simple, with no revenue and uncontrolled spending, you can’t meet your financial obligations. Over dependence on oil and corruption contributed to our problems.


  9. Peace as much as it is required for investments and development, it is not an excuse in the case of the Niger Delta. If one may ask, when did agitations in the Niger Delta over pollution, employment and participation started? How long did that agitations by dialogue took before the Youths in 1998 resorted to violence? Was it the fault of the Youths that NNPC and Subsidiaries were filled with Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani, and Oil Companies with Headquarters in Lagos and Yorubas held unto to employment in these companies as their birth right and did everything possible to excluded the sons and daughter of the land for employment? Is Agip Estate in Port Harcourt not an extension of the O’dua States as well as Shell? Ibos joined on account of some getting employed from Abroad, and they in their General Manager positions secured some of their people into Engineering positions I the Oil Companies. From 1955 to 1998, how many years? Were there no peace?
    Obasanjo’s NNPC Act 1976 also debarred Oil Companies from exercising even corporate responsibility to the Host Communities where they are operating up till today. Rather, Oil companies are contributing to infrastructural development in Lagos and other places. Nigerian Conservation Foundation huge sponsorship in Lekki by Chevron.
    Were you Buhari not part of the Obasanjo Government in 1976? Were you not the Minister of Petroleum Resources in Nigeria when NNPC was making the money for Nigeria? And N2.5billion of NNPC money was reported missing and later discovered to have been deposited in unnamed individual Saving accounts to earn interests in turns? Was it not that money Prof Awojobi of University of Lagos calculated the interest earn by individual on that money in 1978 as N250,000 plus per second when US Dollar was equal to 45k (forty-five kobo of Nigeria Naira)? The criminals that destroyed the Niger Delta environment, destroyed its culture, denied the people of employment and business opportunities with Oil companies, and denied the entire Region any form of development in terms of infrastructure, education, health services, and ultimately only pushed its people into violence?
    Is it not your PMB granted CNN interview and stated, those who did not vote for you will not enjoy government patronage and infrastructures? Then whose money do you want to use to develop your Hausa-Fulani/Yoruba land? Was your pronouncement and actions in terms of appointments and insults, removing Federal University and School located in the Niger Delta to where you have countless Federal Universities and Institutions built with the Oil money, and continued insult of the entire region along with your new found friends, the Yorubas not enough for concerned citizens of the regions to see you an enemy that must not further utilize the resources from the region to develop your areas?
    Are the above facts not true? if not, let someone correct me. Nigeria and its leaders over the times are bigger criminals than pipeline bombers, even though, I do not believe in violence. For violence attracts violence. J. F. Kennedy of the America once said. ” When dialogue and reason fails, violence is eminent” And when the violence started in response to your insults and treats, you threatened further. And your fans the Yorubas were there fanning for your to show your Military Might. You showed it and it did not work despite all your Officers spending billions in the name of going for the Niger Delta Avengers. Rather, they went looting poor villages, caught children playing boys in Ekrenkoko as the Avenger Militants, and ended killing the 80years Old father of Tompolo without shame.
    The show of shame Military Operation called “Operation Crocodile Tears”. The name alone tells what sort of people the Nigerian Leaders really are. Can any crocodile tears genuine tears, or operation a genuine operation? The Wayo it has been is the wayo you and your friends are doing up till now. Please repent and you will find some peace. There is no money, but billions of Oil Dollars are spent frantically looking for Oil in the North. May God allow you to find Oil and treat your people the same way the Niger Delta people suffered in the hands of criminal Nigerian greedy leaders including Buhari who was Minister of Petroleum when there was complete peace, and Head of State for more than one year without doing anything with the Federal Ministry of Works that built the Roads, Bridges, Threatres, Hospitals, Universities, Research Institutions, Airports etc. all over the Country with the excluding the Niger Delta where the Money was produced.


  10. @Dickson, even with your plethora of misinformation, u are so full of hate!


  11. In Dickson I see an aggrieved man, whose heart may take more than a lifetime to heal. Unfortunately, he seeks vengeance, not resolution. BTW, it’s “Operation Crocodile Smile”.


  12. Bukola Ajisola // November 3, 2016 at 2:27 pm // Reply

    One fact that is lost on Dickson is that the people of Niger Delta are either hypnotised or psychologically suppressed by their militants.
    If Tompolo could parade Private Jet and Mrs Jonathan is in possession of $15B in just one account it becomes an anathema to put the blame on the Federal government.
    The Federal government have paid amnesty for donkey years and governors of that region have taken the lion share in federal allocation.
    Isn’t it time for the people of Niger Delta to ask their leaders,militants,governors and president Jonathan the real question?


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